Prefabricated in San Vito

Distributors of all types of prefabricated entire southern walls building materials installation, construction of classrooms garage-storage house turnkey tile and more.
Prefabricated Morales puts his deposition products are made in reinforced concrete frame and high-strength concrete.
With high standard of quality, strength and durability for this we use the best raw material:
· High resistance Cement
· Fillers
· Broken Stone
· Deformed rods for our columns
· Flat Armor welded wire for our tiles
Our products have a manufacturing process in which we ensure that reach and / or exceed the standards for quality and durability that can compete with international markets. Manufactured in steel molds and vibrated.
· Manufacture prefabricated columns in various heights and thicknesses.
· Tiles manufactured in different lengths and designs.
· Special Columns prefabricated two-storey apartments.
· Box breakers.
· Columns electricity meter type.
· Reinforced Poles near.
For more details consult our catalogs of homes and columns.
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