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Review abouth the Restaurant Truchero El Puente

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Truchero El Puente

When arrives, we can note a different environment that lives up to its name: Several laggons with trout, some air bridges over the lagoons, where each person can fish the trout will eat (optional, for themselves the fish or already they have a few to choose from).

The area of ??the restaurant is closed with glass on the front of the road, perhaps to prevent dust from entering, or maybe for the cold wind of the area not affected by the heat of the food, in any case, the atmosphere of the restaurant is typical wooden chairs and tables, a small play area for children, a bar area.

Definitely the specialty of the place is the fried trout, it is certainly the best place to try a fried trout in the area, it is served completely toast, with fried plantains and some vegetables, other options are rice and “casados” (typical Costa Rican food including rice, beans , meat, a pasta and a salad).

Our visit was on Friday of Easter, and I think it was a bad day because the place was completely full and it seems they were not prepared for this amount of people. Two or three employees were not enough to attend the hall and had to wait almost two and a half hours to eat, which delayed our plans and made the visit was not as nice as expected.

Still, it is remarkable that we got a complimentary dessert, rice pudding, very tasty at the end.

Price: The price is affordable, is around 3500 colones per plate ( around $7), plus soda.

Location: Located in Buena Vista Rivas, an hour from downtown San Isidro de El General. This is towards the Chirripó Mount. Once in Rivas then turn left forty minutes on the road along the river. The journey for a tourist will be nice to see the mountains and the river on the left, but who is hungry the journey is too long. The road is generally well maintained, but there are seasons where water wreaks havoc and causes many gaps. It is dirt road from Rivas to the restaurant.

Service: The previous time was quite acceptable, but this time due to the large number of people, it was somewhat disappointing. We had to ask sodas in the kitchen for ourselves because the waitress forgot it was equal with ice, lemon and the food lasted nearly two hours to get ready. When fishing the trout, as there were many people before us, possibly they had thrown them a lot of bait and were filled and then we could see them move off the bait and did not want to eat, only one we could get. But clarified that the last time the activity was very nice and as expected.

Parking area: It has a secure and wide parking area.

Overall rating: Very good.

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