Pérez Zeledón is the Bigger City in commerce in the Southern Costa Rica area.

Perez Zeledon


Pérez Zeledón

Perez Zeledon is known for having the most beautiful women in all the region, Pérez Zeledón is more than just a tourist stop when traveling to the beaches.

You will have a good Idea of how far is San Isidro Pérez Zeledón from other cities if you use our Distance calculator Costa Rica Distance Calculator and Map

Located in the southern region of Costa Rica, the city of San Isidro is a paradise for travelers looking for a good place to rest.

The city offers the best hotels, cabins, vacation rentals o any other kind of lodging option. It also offers some of the best Restaurants and entertainment around.

For more information about all Pérez Zeleón Options and Business, please visit the Pérez Zeledón Portal.

You can go out at night and choose a different Restaurant type of many for every occasion: Vegetarian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Argentinian, etc, I can  recommend the Stella de Italia, that offers delicious authentic Italian, although the place is a little small the menu is exquisite.

The medical tourism is a hot deal in Costa Rica, and Perez Zeledón is well knowed for the quality of the dentist, they offer a quality and human service, their prices are amazing.

One of the best surfing beaches in the world is Dominical which is located only 30-40 minutes away from the city of San Isidro. Dominical has the charm of many small towns with it's traditions and customs, but nowadays it has a strong influence from different foreign cultures.

If you are not into surfing you can always visit some of the national parks that are located close to the Perez Zeledon city. One of these parks would be National Park La Amistad (Friendship) where you can find a high diversity of wild life and fauna. You can also visit Chirripó National Park and hike the highest mountain in Costa Rica.

In the are of San Gerardo of Rivas the people are very friendly and nice, they enjoy having conversations with the foreigners, the cold climate and the mountainous area full of animals and fresh air will make you feel like it's the cleanest place in the world. We can't forget about the Chirripó river that will accompany you the entire trip, you will need some time the take in all the scenic beauty, park the car and enjoy the view.

If you’re just looking for a place to relax in the water there are some of the best natural thermal pools in all of Pérez Zeledón. It´s only a short drive up to Mount Chirripó, on the highest place in the country where you can find the cleanest and clearest thermal pools with the best view of the valley and the surrounding wilderness.

For a more exciting experience you can always go rappelling on a water fall or cascade. The water falls are located in San Cristobál or in San Pedro of Pérez Zeledón. There are various exploration companies that will take you to the waterfalls and let you to rappel.

In San Cristobal is located the famous house of stone, a big crack in the stone behind a great waterfall, the scenic beauty is incredible and it only gets better as you enter the crack and finds an entire house made out of rock (beds, tables, kitchen, etc), in this area you will be able to observe some of the most beautiful, biggest and spectacular water falls in Costa Rica.

In San Pedro, the Quiros family has developed a resort on top of a huge stone (where pre-Colombian petroglifs can be observed) and there your offered canyoning tours trough the estate waterfalls.

Searching for souvenirs? then you’re probably going to want to visit the Farmers Fair (On Thursday`s night, the day vary and it is in the pure downtown, ask for it!) where aside from selling fruits and vegetables you can also find many locals who go there to sell their handmade necklaces, bracelets, key chains, etc. If you walk around the downtown are you’ll find many stores that sell interesting and native articles, and if you get hungry you can just stop and have a snack in a local soda where they serve traditional dishes, such as a casado which is a plate with rice, beans, fried plantains, a salad and your choice of meat.

Here in Pérez Zeledón all your problems will be lifted and you will find all the facilities of the city without the problems of the big cities and with the advantage of being in a place filled with nature.

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