Green Iguana's Hardware, Details, Finishes, Paints, Flooring in Uvita and Bahia of Osa

Green Iguana Hardware: is located in Uvita de Osa, 1km east of the BCR. Green Iguana Details: is located in 150 west south of river bridge Uvita


Providing accurate to customer requirements in the field of hardware, construction, remodeling and decoration through personalized, prompt and attentive service solutions.

Provide a warm treatment clients, suppliers, employees and anyone who has contact with the company.


Being the fastest growing hardware and projection of the area, making us the best choice for their warm welcome, efficient service and timely response, exceeding the expectations of its customers.

Achieve maximum profitability and rapid return on investment for the benefit and improvement of the company and of all the members who compose it. Being an attractive employer in the area.

Contribute to the development of the community being a socially responsible company.



Meet our obligations and commitments assuming the consequences of all our actions, maximizing the performance of time and resources at our disposal to perform daily tasks.


Adapt easily to change for the continued growth and improvement, transforming aspirations into reality by launching projects and building every day a better future.


Anyone who has contact with our company, valuing the interests and needs of each individual acquiring the same position to take guided understanding and consideration for others actions.


Listen attentively and carefully to provide effective and accurate response. Transmitting with detail and clarity, timely, adequate information to obtain fair and expected result.


That our actions meet our own expectations, those of our customers and peers, always driven by the confidence and inner security do a good job, to provide good service to others.


We are an important part of our company so we exchange opinions, views, suggestions, solutions and actions to achieve success together in our daily work.







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Green Iguana's Hardware, Details, Finishes, Paints, Flooring in Uvita and Bahia of Osa 0.00 10 0
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