Restaurante La Palapa in hotel Cuna del Angel

At La Palapa in the Cuna del Angel, we specialize in gourmet food, the chef is responsible for consenting to the most discerning palates. Enjoy the tropical ingredients fused giving life to original recipes.

The Restaurant La Palapa, is located in the center of the cradle of the Angel Hotel, was designed as a place of homage to the ancestors of the locality. Its architectural design is based on "Boruca" traditional ceremonial dwelling, a symbolic expression of this indigenous culture in Costa Rica.

Its circular shape generates an idea of ​​center projected energy towards the sky through the conical roof.

The symbolic codes are mainly social and religious with universal elements, which means that many ethnic groups around the world have similar concepts. Its eight columns where placed reminding the original ritual of our indigenous ancestors, who used the sunrise and sunset as reference points.

The center of the first level has a mosaic depicting the cosmic levels of local cultures: the earth, sky, moon and sun.


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