Ciudad Cortes, also known as Puerto Cortes is the nearest city to Palmar Norte.

Ciudad Cortes


The political and administrative division of Costa Rica is defined by provinces, such as San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limón. At the same time, these are divided in cantons and districts. In the administrative issues, the province of Puntarenas has the following cantons: Puntarenas, Esparza, Buenos Aires, Montes de Oro, Osa, Aguirre, Golfito, Coto Brus, Parrita, Corredores and Garabito.

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Ciudad Cortés General Information

It is the most important city of the Canton de Osa. It is 280 kilometers away from San José. It is located 8 kilometers before the turnpike of Palmar Norte by the Costanera highway. It is a place surrounded of vegetation and it is near of the Río Grande de Térraba. (Great River of Térraba)

Tourism in Ciudad Cortés

The tourists can find here a place where they can spend the night (either hotels or cabins) as well as restaurants, but something most important are the beaches that are near to Ciudad Cortés where you can find tourism infrastructure that is completely developed and that can satisfy the demands of any tourist. If you need more information please visit the section of beaches of this same web site. The nearest beach of Cortes is Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach). Another aspect that can call our attention and that are near from this place are the outlets of the Río Térraba in which have been developed many activities related with the tourism, between them we can mention the tours directed by an specialized guide to the mangrove swamps, the fishing and the tours to the nearest islands. Other important and beautiful places are the rivers that have crystal and warm waters (nice to take a bath), the islands (Isla del Caño, Isla Violines), the lagoons and the nearest beaches such as Playa Tortuga, Playa Arco, and Piñuelas.

Map where Ciudad Cortés is located

Transportation options to Ciudad Cortéz

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Ciudad Cortés Economy

The main economical activity that is developed in Ciudad Cortes is related with the sow of the African palm, to get its oil. In this zone people also sow in an active way the rice, cocoa, corn, sorghum and beans. Some of the people who dedicate to the agricultural activity sow bananas.

Available Services in Ciudad Cortés

In Cortes you can find a Health Center, doctors, dentists, lawyer, shoes and cloths stores, hardware shops, supermarkets, hotel, sodas, restaurant, school and college. It means that in Cortes you will be able to find most of the necessary public services.


Ciudad Cortes is a village located in padding lands near from the Río Grande de Térraba and that is why its topography is so flat.

Climate in Ciudad Cortés

Its climate is wet with temperatures that go between the 25 and 33 C. In the summer the temperature can reach even the 36 C

Ciudad Cortés History

Many years ago, the village of Cortés was called “ El Pozo” and it was the most important communication way between Puntarenas and Osa, since the ships came and delivered their merchandise in a port located in one of the main parts of the Río Grande de Térraba and after some years its name was changed to Puerto Cortés and other years later was changed to Ciudad Cortés. Ciudad Cortés is a village located just attached to the Río Grande de Térraba. It was so near their closeness that year after year the water entered over the lands until the government decided to move the center and the places of its inhabitants to a region that could be much higher even near from the previous place, where there are still many inhabitants and commerce centers. Today in the former center is located most of the commerce (some stores, little supermarkets, restaurants, hardware stores and other), but the public services offices of the government have been moved to the higher lands of the territory.
For more information about Ciudad Cortes Options and Business, please visit the Ciudad Cortes Portal.

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