Tours in ATV 4x4 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is just an incredible opportunity to experience the rainforest, volcanoes, beaches and cloud forests in a relatively compact, about the size of West Virginia.


Welcome to Costa Rica, Adventure Motorsports. Explore Costa Rica at your own ATV 4X4. Join us to travel in the real Costa Rica.
Adventure Motorsports designs its courses for riders with or without off-road abilities and skills. We give the highest priority to give each team rider freshest possible, reliable and secure.
At Adventure Motorsports are already designed our tours but this does not mean that we can not customize your trip. We want you to experience Costa Rica up close and personal, exploring the natural beauty in a way that few have the opportunity to do so.
Uvita is chosen as our headquarters, for many reasons, especially virgin forests and beaches are the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. The diverse landscape ranges from pristine beaches to mountain trails just minutes away. Uvita varies in altitude from sea level to a quick trip up to 3000 feet, where the air is fresh and crisp.
1 - 3-4 hours
$ 85 per person
A very scenic, easy pace tour takes us through the mountains and deep jungle somewhere that gives many spectacular ocean and valley views. We went through several streams, coffee and banana plantations and often see monkeys, toucans and other exotic animals.
2 - 4-5 hours
$ 95 per person
This route is the same as the previous tour, but we continue through the small village of Morete and pass through several farms on our way to San Luis Waterfall. This waterfall is so high that the top often can not be seen as it is in the clouds. Drinks and snacks included.
3 - 6.5 HOURS
$ 130 per person
Designed for the more daring riders, this tour takes in some horseback riding and cattle, they are wonderful to go if you are an intermediate or an expert rider. Complete with river crossings, wildlife and incredible views. Bring your camera. Drinks and snacks included.
4 - 10.8 HOURS
$ 230 per person
A full day excursion to the city of San Isidro. There are several ways you can cross the mountains to our destination ranging from mild to wild. We ride some technical trails with rocks, potholes and crossing rivers or roads can be more traditional. It all depends on you. We'll have a little time to explore the city and lunch is included.
Multi-Day Tours:
We offer several multi-day excursions ranging from a simple excess nitrate to a custom tailored expedition.
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