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Yoga in Guaria de Osa

Yoga purifies our body and mind, frees us from disturbances, teaches us to control our senses and our mind impatient, directing our energies in the best way.


In Osa Guaria ofrecemops you different types of healing modalities are offered, such as: Healing with local herbs, Tui Na, therapeutic massage, reflexology and Reiki are also gifts that staff can offer
We offer a supreme yoga on the beach for a yoga experience unparalleled in the tropical nature.
The second floor, Yoga Shala (a place to practice yoga, tai chi, movement or music)
The large Salon:
Your hardwood floor with all amenities for bare feet. The beams were deployed above give way to increasing clouds burst, the eaves of the roof that promote a sense of free flowing with a sense of beginning or end inherent in traditional culture.
This room is ideal for movement arts such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and dance, due to the parabolic shape of the roof are amazing for music and singing too! This floor is ideal for relaxing hammock too! On the north side of the Lodge of Lapa Lapa, there is a wooden staircase with wooden steps leading swirled up to the observatory and the dome of meditation. Behind the stairs with large open windows overlooking the gardens are two rooms with bathroom inside. There is also a massage room and study and high ceilings allow warm air to rise, keeping rooms and cold rooms in the tropical heat of the day.
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