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Our kitchen is the result of a love for good food and napoletana pugliese transmitted by "Mamma and Papa": Anna Maria and Salvatore. The taste for healthy and Mediterranean cuisine as well as the search for fresh, authentic flavors, give life to a prized culinary result in this area.


The restaurant "Mamma and Papa", is located one mile from the beach, offers a beautiful view of the mountains, situated almost outside, so you can enjoy nature, including bird sounds and colors of the vegetation . Great diversity of wildlife including toucans and can be seen from this position, sitting in the comfort of our restaurant. Fresh pasta made with traditional techniques and family recipes, combine well with the fresh, natural produce of Costa Rica.
The tagliatelle, gnocchi, cannelloni, and lasagna, are some of the dishes that distinguish us, wanting our menu of good local meat and fresh fish. The different flavors of land and sea are well represented with a wide variety of pizzas for everyone. On the menu could not miss the desserts, especially the tiramisu, lemon pie and a loaf of Spain topped with custard.
· Caprese Salad - Fresh tomato slices, fresh mozzarella, olive CEITE, pepper, salt and oregano
· Bruschetta - Toasted bread with fresh chopped tomatoes
· Squid Salad - Calamari seasoned with olive oil, black pepper, garlic, lemon and salt
· Green salad - lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet pepper, and dressing the day
· Shrimp Cocktail - Delicious shrimp in house sauce
· Tagliatelle, homemade pasta spaghetti type
· Tagliatelle - Homemade pasta in tomato sauce
· Al Pesto - Homemade pasta sauce with basil, garlic and almonds
· The Bolognese - Homemade Pasta with ground beef and vegetables in tomato sauce
· Carbonara - Homemade pasta with bacon, eggs, black pepper, sweet cream
· With porcini mushrooms - Italian homemade pasta with mushrooms with smoked ham and sweet cream
· The Sicilian - Pasta with homemade tomato sauce with eggplant and mozzarella
· Frutti di Mare - homemade pasta with seafood in tomato sauce
· Vongole - Pasta with clams and homemade with fresh chopped tomato
· Smoked Salmon - Homemade pasta with chopped smoked salmon, chopped tomato and sweet cream
· Broccoli - Homemade pasta with chicken and broccoli
· Vodka - Pasta homemade pink vodka sauce
Baked Pasta
· Cannelloni ricotta and spinach - Homemade Pasta with ricotta and spinach
· Cannelloni with Meat - Pasta with meat and homemade tomato sauce
· Gnocchi alla Sorrento - Gnocchi (kind of pasta made with potatoes) with tomato sauce and cheese baked
· Lasagna - Homemade pasta with meat, tomato sauce and cheese
· Involtini di Melanzane - With eggplant, jalapeno pepper and mozzarella
· All are accompanied with a paste of garlic bread and a green salad or soup
· Margherita - cheese, tomato sauce, oregano
· Ham - Cheese, tomato sauce, ham and oregano
· Ham and Mushrooms - Cheese, tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms and oregano
· Hawaiian - cheese, tomato sauce, ham, pineapple, fresh basil and oregano
· The Martinese - cheese, tomato sauce, zucchini, eggplant, sweet pepper and oregano
· Vegetarian - Cheese, tomato sauce, onion, bell peppers, sliced ​​tomatoes, corn, mushrooms and oregano
· Sylvia - cheese, tomato sauce, sliced ​​tomato, garlic and oregano
· In the house - cheese, tomato sauce, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, sliced ​​tomato and oregano
· Pepperoni - Cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni and oregano
· Monica - cheese, bolognese sauce, smoked bacon, mushrooms and oregano
· Napoletana - cheese, tomato sauce, anchovies and oregano
· Green - Cheese, tomato sauce, ham, green olives, zucchini and oregano
· Katia - cheese, tomato sauce, tuna, jalapeño and oregano
· Chicken - Cheese, tomato sauce, chicken, capers and oregano
· Violet - cheese, tomato sauce, onion, corn and oregano
· Vicky - cheese, tomato sauce, onion, black olives and oregano
· Shrimp - Cheese, tomato sauce, shrimp and oregano
· Filet Mignon - Exquisite meat in red wine and fresh mushrooms accompanied by potatoes and vegetables
· Lomo relleno - Exquisite pork loin stuffed with spinach, peppers, mozzarella accompanied by potatoes and vegetables
· Piernil pork - pork Exquisite onion sauce accompanied by potatoes and vegetables
· Snapper with white wine - Exquisite snapper fillet in white wine, with potato and vegetable
· Corvina in seafood sauce - Exquisite corvina fillet, seafood sauce chef, accompanied by potatoes and vegetables
· Shrimp Mamma e Papa - Delicious shrimp, sauteed in lemon sauce with white wine and garlic, accompanied by potatoes and vegetables
· Garlic Shrimp - Delicious shrimp, sauteed in butter and garlic, accompanied by potatoes and vegetables
· Chicken Naranaja - Exquisite organic chicken in orange sauce
· Lemon Chicken - Exquisite organic chicken in lemon sauce
· House Salad with chicken - Exquisite green salad with chicken fajitas grilled
· Lemon Pie - Delicate dessert house
· Tiramizu - Delicate Italian dessert house
· Chocolate Salame - Delicious chocolate slices salami-like
· Tres Leches - Delicate dessert house
· Lemon Granita - Lemon Italian Ice
· Strawberry Granita - strawberry Italian ice
Prices include 13% sales tax and exclude the 10% service charge.
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