Whale Watching, Special Offer ..!

This season has started whale watching, Gaviotas Tour de Osa is pleased to invite you to attend our tour.

To the general public and students have excellent deals, so that nobody is left without enjoying this unforgettable experience.

About The humpback or gubarte (Megaptera novaeangliae), also called humpback whale (although it is actually a whale, because the name "whale" applies only to the family Balaenidae), is a species of baleen whale family Balaenopteridae (minke ).

It is one of the largest whales, adults have a length of 12-16 m and a weight of about 36 000 kg. The species has a distinctive body shape, with pectoral fins long and knobby head. The animal is often acrobatic jumps on the surface and then hit the water. The males emit a complex song, which lasts ten to twenty minutes and is repeated for hours at a time. The purpose of the song is unclear, however, appears to play a role in mating.

It is distributed throughout the world's oceans and seas; typically migrate up to 25 000 km per year. Humpback whales feed only in summer in the polar regions and migrate to tropical and subtropical waters to breed and give birth to calves during the polar winter. While winter elapses fast and subsist on their fat reserves. The species feeds mainly on krill and small fish, has a wide repertoire of feeding methods, including the remarkable technique of bubble net.


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Special price for estudientes Universities and colleges,
Tuor mixed 3x1 for only $ 80


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