Villa Neily or Ciudad Neily is one of the fastest growing cities in commerce in the south, after San Isidro, Golfito and San Vito.

Villa Neily


Villa Neily is part of the Canton of Corredores. The political and administrative division of Costa Rica is defined by provinces such as San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limón. At the same time, these are divided in cantons and districts. In the administrative aspects, the province of Puntarenas has the following cantons: Puntarenas, Esparza, Buenos Aires, Montes de Oro, Osa, Aguirre, Golfito, Coto Brus, Parrita, Corredores and Garabito. The canton of Corredores has a surface of 567 square kilometers and it is divided in the following districts: Corredor, La Cuesta, Canoas, Laurel and Ciudad Neily


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Villa Neily General Information

Villa Neily is a city surrounded by natural beauties, in which we can mention the great forest so near the city as well as the river that goes through it. Villa Neily is a population center where there is an active commerce development.

Tourism in Villa Neily

The visitor will find hotels and cabins where he can spend the night, and also sodas and restaurants. There are also some tourism centers near from the city that offer a nice place to have a good time in the day. Between the services that these centers offer are the swimming pools, soccer place, green zones and restaurants.

Also, in the summer you can enjoy visiting the crystal holes that are formed in the nearest rivers, just ask for them, we are sure that there will be one very close to the place where you are and you will not have to pay for visiting it. There is crystal water, the temperature is very nice and the beauty of the picture can not be compared with any other place. The same happens with the waterfalls of the zone which are really relaxing.

Transportation options to Villa Neily

Bus Schedule, Plane Schedule, Rent a Car services, Taxi.

Economy in Villa Neily

The main economical activities of the district of Neily are the sowing of African palm, the bananas, the cocoa, the rice, the corn, the vegetables, the beans and sorghum as well as the bovine and forest activities. But in the middle of the Ciudad Neily are developed any kind of commercial activities and these places give work to many of the people of the city.

Services in Villa Neily

In the city of Ciudad Neily you can find a Hospital, the Banco Popular, Banco Nacional and the Banco de Costa Rica and also the Coopealianza, schools, colleges and just there in that same place are the buildings of Universidad Nacional (National University). In Ciudad Neily there is all kind of commerce, such as fuel station, stores, hardware shops, home supplies stores, restaurants, drugstores, hotels, cabins, supermarkets and bakeries. Regarding to the services, in Ciudad Neily are also available the services of lawyers, topographers, doctors, dentists, and fire station between other.

Villa Neily Geography

Villa Neily is a very flat zone, however, in its lowest part it is the “Fila de Cal” that makes that Ciudad Neily and Coto Brus can be connected and it is also a very amazing mountain where a little road goes through and because of that you must be aware that when you go over there you must be very careful.

It has a fertile soil, the climate is wet with strong raining times in that kind of season. In some sections still remain some primary forest but because of the agricultural and banana activities they have been left aside without any care and the type of soil and the forest have gone in a huge part of the territory.

This zone has the advantage of having many rivers and streams.

Climate, height and temperature

The climate is very wet and the temperatures go yearly between the 25 and the 35 C. Villa Neily is 46 meters under the level of the sea.

Villa Neily History

In the times of the pre-Columbus the territory of the former Canton of Corredores had as inhabitants the native Bruncas that in the beginning of those times were dominated by the Cacique Osa. Villa Neily got advantage because of the construction of the Carretera Interamericana (Interamerican Highway) and because of the fact that the Compañía Bananera came to the zone. Due to the fact that the population was increased between the years of 1939 and 1940, a foreign man who came from Libia, named Ricardo Neily Job bought a huge property of this region and settled down a commercial activity that could be compared with a comisariato (little supermarket where you can find everything) that could be helping and satisfying the needs of people who worked in the Compañía Bananera (Company of the bananas production). Then, he sold some of his lands to some people were dedicated to the commercial business and who opened and started their business in the region.

In this way, Villa Neily ariso like an entertainment center for those that worked in the Compañía Bananera and in other bananas activities located in Golfito. After that, in the year of 1945 the activities of the Compañía Bananera began to take place in the Valle de Coto what helped to increase directly the commercial and housing development of the zone. Today, Villa Neily is an active commercial center that is able to satisfy all the principal needs of the inhabitants.

For more information about Villa Neily Options and Business, please visit the Villa Neily Portal.

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