Surf Lessons

Our surf lessons are designed to teach more than just how to stand up on a surfboard. We cover the basics of navigation, security and management of surfboards to catch waves and standing, but we like to go beyond the kind of surfing.

Uvita Surf Classes


Like our private surf lessons or group, we teach safety first. This includes the overall security of the oceans, managing surfboards, surfing and label it becomes increasingly important to navigate in larger groups. You can also expect to learn the techniques for paddling, catching waves and standing up. Our surf clinics are designed to maximize your time on the water so you can expect to get a solid base to catch waves on their own, which is a fundamental step to navigate independently. 
This is what you can expect to learn and do in the surf clinic two days, depending on your level and sea conditions: 
· Anatomy surfboard 
· Safety tips to stay unscathed while surfing 
· Management surfboard 
· The correct position and technique of paddling a surfboard 
· Proper technique for standing on a surfboard 
· Identify the different phases of a wave 
· Entering and turn your surfboard 
· How to catch waves continuous position 
· How to convert your surfboard once you are up and riding 
· How to get through the switches 
· Surf label 
1-This surf lesson takes place in the Ballena Marine National Park, and is composed of a stretch of beach where the instructor talks a bit about time National Park overlooking any basic ocean safety and surf / art. Yes the student has previously surfing experience, the instructor will ask questions to determine their level, and then base the rest of the instructions on that. Then surf instructor will answer any questions you may have, bring in a brief stretching session, and then the group will head to the water. 
2-The lesson takes place in Playa Cologne, within the Ballena Marine National Park, and is composed of a stretch of beach where the instructor tells you a bit about the area and then goes over the ocean and basic security surf and surfing technique. Yes the student before surfing the experience, the instructor will ask questions to establish the student's navigation capabilities and assess whether the student needs no more beach instruction. Your surf instructor then answer any questions you may have, lead a brief stretching session, and then, together, will head for the water. 
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