Whale and Dolphin watching tour

Dolphins and whales are without a doubt, some of the most beautiful living creatures on earth.
                                        Whale & Dolphin Watching Tour

and Dolphins
are without a doubt, some of the most beautiful living creatures on earth. Come and join us for one of the most exciting tours being offered, and where you will witness the presence of some of the largest, majestic, and peaceful sea mammals that exist: Dolphins and Whales.
The Whale and Dolphin watching tour will bring you to some of the most beautiful spots along the pacific coast of Costa Rica, which includes the Marino Ballena National Park, the area surrounding Cano Island, and the Osa Peninsula coastline. Hmpabck whales is the most common specio to observe while on tour.

The best times Whale watching season are: Between the end of December until the end of April, and from July to October, when the Hump-back whales from the northern hemisphere migrates to the tropical waters of Central America to escape the winter cold. The migration of these whales ends with the birth of their calves in the tranquil, tropical waters of Coronado Bay (Marino Bahia National Park), Drake Bay area, as well as Cano Island.


What can we expect on the Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour?

The Humpback whale can grow up to a length of 16-17 meters, and weigh between 24-48 tons. When they jump out of the water, an impressive amount of as water vapor is thrown off by their tails slapping the water. No other specie of whale is so playful in the water as the Humpback.
If the boat captain deems the conditions safe to do so, he will allow you to get out of the boat and swim around, where you may be able to hear the song of the whales, as if you were swimming with them. You also have a good chance of seeing dolphins swimming close by.
The Bottle-Nose dolphin measures around 1.75 meters in length, and weighs between 150-650 kilos. The male is larger than the female. Their body is long and robust, and is dark blue or dark grey in color, with grey along it's sides. Like other dolphins, the Bottle-nose likes to swim alongside a boat's wake, as well as to leap in the air to see it's surroundings.
The types of dolphins that are normally found in this area are the Bottle-Nose, the Spotted, and the Spinner, which travel in groups of 12 or more.
Duration of tour: 3 hours.
Drinks and a light lunch is included
Safety: On this tour, there is nothing to worry about. The tour companies that we work with are highly professional, with many years of experience. Their boats are safe, comfortable, and have ample space. They also provide you with life-preservers, first aid and insurance policies.Along with the Whale and Dolphin Watching tour, we also offer some additional options, such as: snorkeling, diving, a visit to the caverns at Ventanas beach, a visit to the island of Cano, a visit to Corcovado Park, and sport fishing, among others.
And if you desire an all-inclusive tour, we can offer you the following: transportation to and from your hotel, meals, as well as lodging in a beach or mountain hotel.You decide which options you desire and we will do our best to accommodate your every wish.
So come and enjoy a Whales and Dolphin watching tour with your whole family, while at the same time fitting it into your budget. The tour will be an unforgettable day for you, and will allow you to be in close contact with whales and dolphins. It's simply an awesome experience!

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