Playa Arco is distinguished by being hidden; that is, only few people know about this place, and few have reached it because its access is only by foot after walking about 20 min. This small and beautiful beach has a small cave that awakens the imagination.

Playa Arco


As the name indicates Playa Arco (arch beach), is a rainbow shaped beach where one will find a hidden paradise.

Located a little after Playa Ballena, you can only reach this beach on foot, as there is no access from the coastal highway, making it even more quiet and peaceful.

Here you can explore waterfalls, caves or enjoy a walk on the beach with that special someone. You might even spot some monkeys!

Getting there: it is located about 22 km south of Dominical, walking access only.

What to do: body surfing, boogie boarding, fishing, swimming in the ocean, cave exploring.

Activities that are prohibited: swimming where the lifeguards indicate that it is dangerous, throwing garbage on the beach or in the streets. The maximum speed limit in town is 25 km/h. Driving of motor vehicles is prohibited on the beach (according to law of traffic #7331). Hunting or the abuse or pursuit of wild animals such as garrobos, iguanas and birds is prohibited, as well as fishing with poison, nets, or spear guns. Bonfires are also restricted as much of the firewood is home to many creatures.

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