The birding was done to Costa Rica. Toucans, the Cusingas, the Paraque and hummingbirds are always in Mar y Selva Ecolodge-Costa Rica-and songs and other birds abound. Near the hotel are tours for bird watching and many birds can be seen in The Three Sisters islands to which can be reached by kayak.



La Reserva Natural El Rancho La Merced is located in the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica near Punta Uvita and Ballena Marine National Park in Costa Ballena area. The ranch has an area of ​​approximately 506 hectares composed of a forest reserve with primary and secondary rainforest and pasture, a mangrove estuary, a river front Morete and beach. It offers a variety of habitats to explore. They also offer a night hike where you can see the spectacled bujo, listing the owl, the white owl and black and the Common Paraque. You can explore the rainforest walking down a number of paths in the rainforest where you will find a number of birds in mixed flocks. If you walk near the bottom edge of most open birds and seabirds. For birds like the blond climber, the king of vultures, Toledo or Chorrón jumping red mound of shredded chest - living in the area permanently.
This national shelter has 330 hectares covering a variety of habitats from mangroves and secondary forests to low areas and forests and then to the hills facing the sea. It has 7 km of trails to walk and see the different birds.
The birding tours are their specialty. They have excellent nature guides who will help you discover the wonders of the tropical rainforest.
Birdwatching in Corcovado National Park
This park is in third place in the top five national parks in the world. According to National Geographic, this park has 4% of the world's biodiversity remains one of the most biologically intense place on Earth.
Here live the largest population of scarlet across the country and is home to almost 400 species of birds including peacock. Sixteen bird species endemic to the region of the South Pacific side of Central America are range-restricted. At least nine of these occur in the area of ​​the Osa Peninsula. Of these, the amazilia manglera (Amazilia boucardi) and Yellow-billed Cotinga (Carpodectes antoniae) - are considered globally endangered and three near threatened with extinction (Stattersfield et al., In press).
There are six natural ecosystems and protect endangered species such as the jaguar, puma, crocodile, tapir, poison dart frogs and the harpy eagle. The forest also supports an abundance of exotic plants and insects and endemic that provide valuable information to communities of scientific and medical research.
This is the best place to glimpse the diversity of flora and fauna that exists in Costa Rica and the best destination for bird watching!
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