Hotel near the National Park Chirripo

Uran Hotel is perfect for nature lovers can enjoy an unforgettable experience, to near the majestic Cerro Chirripo in San Gerardo de Rivas, Perez Zeledon.

The Hotel Urán is located just 50 meters from the trailhead to Mt Chirripó National Park.

Our story began in June 1998 when we started to help tourists who passed by our house on their way to and from Chirripó. At that time there was a car park for four cars, and tourists asked if they could buy food and drinks, especially on their way down from the mountain.

That was how Don Ulises Romero came up with the great idea to open a small ‘soda’ with just four tables. But after only a few months it became necessary to provide tourist accommodation and so 10 bedrooms with a shared bathroom were built, as well as one family bedroom with five beds and a private bathroom.

So that was how Hotel Urán began – as a family dream to have our own business. Today the hotel has 45 beds with private bathrooms and 20 beds with shared bathrooms!.

We have six fully-equipped cabins with two rooms each, with a double bed and a bunk in each room, refrigerator, stove, hot water and a spectacular view of Mt. Urán and the surrounding mountains, in front of the entrance to the park.
Today our hotel offers the best service in an environmentally friendly manner, according to the standards and practices of sustainable tourism.

For your convenience we have a wide variety of services such as:

    * Restaurant.
    *Private parking for 25 cars.
    * Mini Supermarket.
    * Laundry.
    * Rental equipment for your climb up Mt. Chirripó: sleeping bags, hiking poles, gas stoves, blankets and   more.
    * Internet and Wi-Fi.
    * Souvenir shop with items from Chirripó and San Gerardo de Rivas, crafts are from local artists.
    * Special packages for tours of Chirripó and San Gerardo.
    * Guides.
    * Bar.
    * Transportation.
    * Packed meals for Chirripó hikes.
    * Hot water.               

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Details of prices
Lowest price $ 20

We have different rates for the comfort and tastes of our clients:

  Rooms with shared bath and breakfast.
¢ 9,280 p / person / 1 night

Double room with private bath and breakfast.
¢ 25,000 2 persons / 1 night

Triple room with private bathroom and breakfast
¢ 37,500 3 person / 1 night

Cabins for two persons, breakfast included
¢ 30,000 / 1 night

  In itself, we have packages like:

Package at Hotel Uran
Price: $ 49,500 for 2 people.
Includes 1 night lodging with private bath, lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, snack.

 Package # 1

Price: $ 40,000 for 2 people.
Includes 1 night lodging with private bath, dinner, breakfast and lunch, parking, use of Chirripo's return bathrooms.

 Package # 2
Price: $ 40,000 for 2 people.
Includes 1 night lodging with private bath, dinner, breakfast, lunch, coffee, parking and visit the waterfall of "Pacifica"

Package # 3
Price: $ 45,000 for 2 people.
Includes 1 night lodging in a cabin, dinner, breakfast, lunch, coffee, parking, and visit the waterfall of "Pacifica".

$ 20
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