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Food and Beverage Pura Vida - Bar / Restaurant has a panoramic view of the vegetation of the region


Pura Vida Retaurante
 Invites you to enjoy our breakfast while hearing only the sound of nature. Breakfast includes fresh fruit, local dishes such as "Gallo Pinto" with eggs, as well as our popular "burrito" and a variety of omelets, fresh ingredients and toast, all accompanied by Costa Rica coffee or fruit juices tropicalesde your choice.
Our outdoor restaurant "Pura Vida", where the kitchen is a true celebration of the natural flavors, offering a mix of international food specialties and local refinement of traditional and authentic Mediterranean cuisine.
To ensure the provision of better quality and taste, most of the ingredients are from our own garden and organic orchards in the region.
We would like this unique dining experience, take our guests to join the table with a glass of good wine and rediscover the almost forgotten custom brainstorming of the night or just enjoy the silence of the voice of nature, enjoying a sunset Sun only, followed by a sky with millions of tiny stars.
The pleasure of an experience that surely will not find in any other traditional resource ...
We serve a variety of local fruits, juices, coffee, tea and breakfast in gusto.Usted can choose a "Gallo Pinto", with eggs and fruit, breakfast typical of Costa Rica or choose toast with eggs of your choice.
Depends on how you planned your day and "we say" if you want to eat.
If you want to take a lunch for your trip, you can prepare a picnic with drinks included.
If you want to get out and explore the surroundings, the beach "Matapalo" or stroll through the surrounding jungle, we can prepare a meal with drinks for your picnic.
If staying longer then the resort will be served lunch at the restaurant.
It is always a special time when everyone gets together to share stories of the day while enjoying a hearty and delicious meal. Dinner often includes fresh fish, often by guests who have participated in fishing (there is always plenty to share) or chicken or pork with rice, beans, vegetables, fruit salads and freshly made desserts.
It is always possible to make vegetarian food.
In Bar & Restaurant "Pura Vida" have coffee and tea daily.
Restaurant - Information
Breakfast 7:00 to 9:00
Lunch 12:00 to 14:00
Dinner 19:00 to 20:30
Picnic lunches are available for travel
Cakes are available in the area of ​​coffee at 14:00
Snack Bar at 18:00


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