Zancudo Beach is a really nice beach, very peacefully and quiet, here you really can rest and explore the nature.

Playa Zancudo


Playa Zancudo is located on the Osa Peninsula, in the peaceful southern zone of Costa Rica. The community of Zancudo is small, around 300 locals and a few foreigners. Many make their living fishing in boats made from the trunk of a tree, while most others work in some tourism related trade.

Many years ago, the area was mostly banana plantations. Later on, it changed to the cultivation of the African Palm, and it produced the largest quantity in the country.

Many visitors to Playa Zancudo are from neighboring towns such Villa Neily, San Vito, and Sabalito, on the border of Panama and Golfito.

At the present time Playa Zancudo is a developing beach town that offers some hotels, restaurants, tours in the mountain, surfing, a safe place to swim, and world class sport fishing (sport fishing packages cost around $2000 to $4000 for 3 to 7 days, or you can try to bargain for a better price by contacting some of the fishermen of the area.

Visitors soon fall in love with Playa Zancudo and many bring hammocks to put up among the palms to read a good book or just relax and enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings. For those who like to swim, this is an ideal spot for it. The waves here oare not too large and are great for body surfing or boogie boarding. For the surfers, a relatively short walk (10 min) up the beach and you will see a noticeable increase in the size of waves. If you didn´t bring a surfboard you can rent one in town. You can also rent kayaks and enjoy a tour in the calm ocean or explore the estuaries and inlets of the Coto River, where the plants, flowers and wildlife are plentiful.

Or if you enjoy walking you can visit the stores and many gardens of the hotel where you will see many kinds of plants, flowers and orchids. You can tour the Coto River (about 4 hours long and $40/person). It is a slow and tranquil river, but abundant in wild life. You will be able to observe many classes of wild animals: monkeys, birds, crocodiles, bears anteaters, and many others, as well as heliconias, large trees, orchids and many flowers.

Other activities: horseback riding: You can rent horses to explore Playa Zancudo, the price is about $8/h. surf lessons: you can learn to surf in Pavones for about $20 per hour (Billy, tel.776-00-14) or rent a surfboard for about $15 the day. Rent a bike: you can cruise around town or near the beach.

Tours: Tours in the mountain are available in town. Many choose to visit the Corcovado National Park, and you can arrange to travel there by boat. Botanical Garden, House of Orchids: Rum and Trudy MacAllister have created a botanical garden at their house, one they have been cultivating during the 20 years that they have been in this region. They have collected a great quantity of tropical plants with flowers and fruits. 

Getting there: It is located on the Osa Peninsula, some 6 miles in boat from Golfito or 8 miles in boat from Port Jiménez.
By Car: Around 2 km before Golfito in the "New Bar Rodeo" take a right, and continue towards Rio Coto, after 5km reach a Y (for "Pueblo Nuevo"), turn right there, and after 10 km you will be in Conte. There is a T, take your right and after 18 km reach Zancudo, before get there, there is a Y. Take the left to go to Pavones, and straight this way will take you to Zancudo.

Available services: water, restaurant, cabinas and hotels, electricity, telephone, and Internet.

What to do: body surfing, boogie boarding, sport fishing, camping, kayaking to explore the rocks, swimming in the ocean or river, Tours to the Islands, horseback riding, Tours to the mountain and nearby rivers, bird watching.

Activities that are prohibited: swimming where the lifeguards indicate that it is dangerous, throwing garbage on the beach or in the streets. The maximum speed limit in town is 25 km/h. Driving of motor vehicles is prohibited on the beach (according to law of traffic #7331). Hunting or the abuse or pursuit of wild animals such as garrobos, iguanas, birds, as well as fishing with poison is also prohibited. Bonfires are also restricted as much of the firewood is home to many creatures.

Where to Stay and Eat: There are many lodging options in the area, some of them in front of the beach. The prices vary between $7 and $200/ night depending on location and amenities offered. You can rent a room for a few nights or even a house for an extended stay or even camp right on the beach.


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