AGRO SAN MIGUEL ADVENTURES: Agro San Miguel Adventures: "Your option in adventure and Rural Tourism in the south of Costa Rica."

Agro San Miguel Adventures


AGRO SAN MIGUEL ADVENTURES: Agro San Miguel Adventures: "Your option in adventure and Rural Tourism in the south of Costa Rica."
In the South Region of Costa Rica is located El Valle del General in Perez Zeledón. It belongs to the Province of San Jose. The main city is San Isidro del General. To get here it is needed to cross 135 km by land from our Capital city, San Jose, by the Inter-American highway to the South.

In order to visit San Miguel Adventures you need to go 28 km from San Isidro, to the South up to La Fortuna de San Pedro (two kilometers to the south from the bridge of San Pedro); in there you leave the Inter-American highway and take the road to the mountain range of Talamanca, after 7 km. of good asphalted road you find the town of Fátima, place where the Quirós Family lives, owners of Agro San Miguel, where you can get information.

In order to visit the San Miguel Property you need to travel 5 km from Fátima, by a rough, a vehicle 4 x 4. Transportation is available if it is needed.

What do we offer?

Our touristic center has a rural surrounding with a very quiet atmosphere in which, with pleasure, we offer different dishes at Zebrita restaurant, lodging and adventure tours. This place is located in a family finca where in a small part it is for highland coffee plantation, recognized worldwide. We have a small industry for coffee process in order to advertize it directly, together with other 6 small producers from the community.

Most part of the property is natural forest where many water sources come from. It is our commitment to protect this natural resource since it is the main attraction for the adventure sports. In its topography, Quebrada San Miguel goes through a rocky canyon, where 10 waterfalls were formed through 900 meters. This originates wonderful conditions for the practice of rappel in the canyon. This happens in constant contact with nature, since during that descent through the forest there is not any construction, just trees, short plants, the sounds of the birds, and the silent movements of the morph butterflies and many other multicolored species and the smooth movement of the clear water while it descends.

Zebrita Restaurant

Our visitors will find a very typical menu, taking into account the best countryside traditions, due to the family background. El Mirador is built over an impressive rock, with a marvelous view to the mountains and to the valley. It is open Saturdays and Sundays; weekdays with previous reservation.


In Agro San Miguel you have the opportunity to live in a house with a countryside touch. It is equipped for hosting 14 people. It has comfortable beds and bathroom with hot water; in this way you are able to enjoy the rural countryside and the tranquility of the place. This service is given to groups from two to 14 people.


Our sport of adventure: Rappel and/or Canyoning

Rappel is a low impact sport to the environment, because it does not modify it. It consists in descending by the rocky walls, next to the waterfalls, by the use of special techniques with ropes and extreme security this is a complete contact with nature and the adrenaline produced because of the challenge the gravity laws.

Security plays an important role in this risky sport. We provide the equipment, knowledgeable guides, and insurance for any danger.
On weekends there are tours from 8:30 up to 10:30 and during the week groups are welcome with previous reservation. Age is not an obstacle; the only thing that is needed is good health. The different difficulty levels are progressive in the 5 slopes that the tour has. If you prefer to walk through the trails and enjoy them, this activity will fulfill your expectations because you exercise and the area will provide you with wonderful views.

Other activities:

As part of a full package, we offer:
1. A walk with a guide that lasts approximately from two to four hours, to visit another waterfall, a cavern among giant stones, more forest and scenic beauty with bird sounds as the well known Jilguero (goldfinch).

2. Coffee Tour, by walking, horse back riding or by 4x4 vehicles to visit the town of San Jeronimo. It is a town with an environmental culture. It is located at two kilometers from the property. There you can watch coffee plantations with trees, to know a model property and the industrialized process at small scale, including the dry process and grind of the coffee in a handcrafted method.

3. Trout fishing: at 4 kilometers from San Jeronimo, ascending more to the Chirripo National Park La Amistad. You can fish in special ponds and try the delicious Trout; you get there by a mean of transportation chosen by you. You can walk, horse back riding, or in a 4x4 vehicle.

4. Visita a los paisajes del Parque Nacional Chirripó. San Jerónimo, al igual que otros destinos en Pérez Zeledón, cuenta con sendero de acceso a dicho territorio protegido, donde se ubica el punto más alto de Centroamérica; aquí, desde el Cerro Ena, a una altitud de 3 120 metros, tras 5 horas promedio de caminata, se disfrutará de los mejores paisajes de los cerros, lagunas, sabanas y observación de los litorales del Pacífico y Atlántico, con atardeceres y amaneceres espectaculares. Le programamos el Tour con guía,  alimentación y campamento para la noche, con reservación hasta dos días antes.


General Recommendations:

Due to the constant contact with nature, we recommend to bring extra clothing and wear old tennis shoes or old boots to be able to get wet and dirty.


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