Restaurant Antojos de Maiz in Pérez Zeledón

Mmmm .. cooked as you like, Come and enjoy our specialty Antojitos Corn corn and delicious traditional dishes.

We have an excellent customer quality, with a broad place, where you can treat your taste buds with a variety of dishes such as maize Chorreadas, Pupusas, corn bread, tortilla with cheese, corn tamales, cookies, tamales dumb , empanadas, masamorra, pozol pot of meat,

Natural Beverage laid refreshing as:

Chicha corn, resvaladera, sodas among others,

Savor the taste shakes to discover including:
Pineapple, blackberry, strawberry, Cream, Papaya, chocolate, Guanabana among others,

Due Calientes:
black coffee / latte, black aguadulce / milk, chocolate, black tea / milk

Sadabo and Sundays we offer delightful:
  Pot of meat, tripe soup, tender beans with rib

We have expanded our menu, now you can enjoy breakfast cliffs, also married and dinner
our specialty dishes of corn,

Hours, from 8am to 8pm,
We would be happy to assist you ..!


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