Los Ranchos Restaurant

Complex Los Ranchos Restaurant has a context totally rustic and family, enjoy the tranquility in an atmosphere of harmony with the nature of the place.

Come to the Complex and Restaurant Los Ranchos with your family and spend a day in a totally rustic context, where you can enjoy an environment in harmony with nature and share peacefully, with large green areas, fishing ponds for tilapia, a pool their children located a few meters from the restaurant at the sight of adults for safety, ample secure parking not to mention the delicious and varied dishes and meats carbon tilapias including more delicious choices for dining.

We offer:
Internet Café             boats Area
Tilapia Fish                Special Events
Cabins                        Express

Also if you want to escape the city one day, you're welcome to stay in our rustic cabins.

We invite you to make this place as an office, we offer our free wireless internet service, to perform their work in their natural environment, we offer full service internet cafe.

You can enjoy the experience of rowing warm next to the restaurant while strolling on the lake with family and friends also can fishingr floating or just relax in our comfortable and very safe boats for up to four adults.

We provide the service in Perez Zeledon from 8 am to 8 pm on Saturday marts-media, by our location and we will call with antisipación there just in time can order online or by telélefono confidently build your plate with accompaniments one you like.

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