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Get your personalized work, request a particular topic and I will create a proposal to decorate their environment.



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· Oil
The oil is a painting technique comprising mixing the pigments with an oil-based binder, usually of plant origin
· Acrylic
This is a technique that uses the same pigments used in oil and watercolor but diluted in an acrylic binder formed of a synthetic resin (made from acrylic acid). The medium thus resulting in water soluble. Its fast drying and matte finish (less acrylic medium) or brighter (middle).
· Fabric
Learn the art of painting on fabric opens up a vast field of action, no need to buy canvases or papers, as our home offers the most varied media: shirts, tablecloths, scarves, pillows, bibs, napkins, not forgetting sheets, upholstery and curtains.
· Wood
Decorate different reasons in a versatile variety of decorative items helpful for home or office.
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