We are specialists in their eyes. Optica del Valle provides private optics and optometry services. Also develops campaigns Education and Promotion Eyecare.

Optica del Valle, located in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica


Optica del Valle

Who's Optical Valley?

Nature of Business: Optical Valley provides private services optics and optometry, develops campaigns Education, Promotion and Prevention of Visual Health within its range of action. Additional develops clinical research in order to contribute scientifically to the sciences of vision and quality of life of persons with a visually impaired ..
Telephone for appointments: 2772-0349
Address: Located in the Commercial Pedro Perez, South Side Park Center San Isidro del General, Perez Zeledon, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Email: info@opticasdelvalle.com and allmorva@hotmail.com
Website: www.opticasdelvalle.com
Professional in charge of patient care: Dr. Allan Vargas Mora, optometrist Masters degree. He is an active member of the College of Optometrists Costa Rica, built in 2002, professional code: 279
Market you want to include: Population of the cantons of Perez Zeledon, Osa and Buenos Aires
Background and Brief History of Optics Valley
Optics Valley is a small business that was born from the union of two health professionals seeking to create a family business with human, technical and professional quality.
Operations begin on Monday November 12, 2007 in booth # 10 Pedro Perez Zeledon Mall. As a service provider microenterprise health goal has always been to provide the best medical care that meets the visual needs of customers who visit us.
Since 2008 and to date have been designed, implemented, executed and evaluated some original plans Prevention, Education and Health Promotion Visual with schools and forces of the communities within the range of action of optics, in order to have early interventions and impacts in all age groups in order to ensure growth, patient loyalty and contribution to healthy lifestyles potentializing the proper functioning of the visual system.
From the beginning there has been an accelerated growth curve both customers, services provided, and the supply of frames and lenses for customers, having a great variety of designs to choose by shape, brand, size, color and style.
Being allied to the largest optical laboratories Costa Rica such as lenses Costa Rica, OPTILOSA and Laboratory Optical Topex allows you to offer people who trust their eye health in Optical Valley high-quality products and cutting-edge optical technology . Notably, the Premium products are being processed Free Form technology, which is a manufacturing process under new production techniques allowing even custom design the lens prescriptions have high quality optics and excellent aesthetics. You can find products of international firms that allocate economic resources research and innovation, always at the forefront of contemporary needs and the anti-reflective layers providing protection for users of electronic devices on offer, which could have prolonged use damages to level retina so the importance of using anti-reflective layers Premium
Contact lenses from November 2007 to date provide customers brands of contact lenses last generation. But regarding contact lens requires special mention because here in Optics Valley time and budget to train patients it is intended, as we are very aware and very responsible with corneal health of our customers. The staff is highly qualified and constantly updated, Dr. Mora participated in January 2013 and October 2014 Excellence Courses Contact Lenses at The Vision Care Institute, Bogotá, Colombia.
A contact lens is a medical device misused threatening corneal health, here prior to the purchase of contact lenses is given a proper training to each patient is educated about the importance of protecting the corneal fully healed and complications on use of contact lenses. Some brands of contact lenses and supplies can be found here are: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Bausch & Lomb, Avizor, Alcon Opti-Free, Wasser, Cooper Vision and others.
Fashion in optic plays an important role, it has the offer of prestigious international brands hoops that have representatives at the national level to ensure the support and guarantee some of those brands into rings for adults here can acquire are: Alpi , Guess, Converse, Dolabany, Columbia, Timberland, K 12, Converse, Ray Ban and others. Children are offered the prestigious and specialized brand Miraflex, is a ring very safe for children comprehensive and flexible dough as it has no rods or screws in any of its parts, has a headband that adjusts the ring to the cranial surface of the ideal lower to keep fit at all times ensuring a proper approach even in sports.
In October 2010 a leap into the specialized and differentiated service to be, thanks to the professional training received at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the only optical Brunca to patient care in low vision condition occurs. An important service for visually impaired people previously had to travel to the Central Valley for a review of this type, the office currently is fully equipped to adequately respond to these patients, demonstrating the level of commitment and service to the population of the Region Brunca. Importantly, the first research to epidemiology and low vision developed by Dr. Allan Mora Vargas, M.Sc. and a group of general practitioners as part of a research team from the National University graduate in Applied Epidemiology Health Systems
Mission Optics
Optical preferably be the population of the canton of Perez Zeledon, as well as its neighboring cantons, rewarding customers who choose to trust your eyecare in Optics Valley, professional quality work, specialized as the patient's need a warm and human service, a fair price, so this is the best option.
Vision Optics
Expand services Optics Valley to the population of the region Brunca, offering the best service and quality eye care, sale of optical inputs and clinical care.


Contact Lenses

Therapy For Low Vision

Progressives and Bifocal Lenses

English Spoken

 Located in Pedro Pérez Commercial Center next to Hotel Chirripo.


Optometrist Doctor:Allan Mora



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