Tope in Pérez Zeledón with around 700 Horses and Riders

Seven hundred horses paraded in San Isidro del General with their riders for the tope.

Last Friday, December 6th, the famous “tope” took place in San Isidro del General. It was a night to remember, with around 700 horses with their riders. But then, that is only taking into account the older ones. There was also a parade for children in which 72 children participated.


Horses were not the only animals to be seen, however. There were also oxen and even some buffalo. In fact, one little girl was even riding one of the buffaloes. Nonetheless, all in all, the main attractions last night were the horses.


The name “tope” has an interesting history. Many years ago, the United Fruit company used to import cattle, and the horse riders had to ride to the port to meet up (in Spanish “topar”) with the cattle. Thus the famous tope was born, and today it is an important part of Costa Rican folklore.


For this event, horses need special care. The day that they will participate, they should not eat any processed food. Mostly they should drink water and eat grass. This is because they will be sweating a lot in this event, so they need to be well hydrated. The day after, they can continue with their normal diet, but they should have access to plentiful water so that they can recover what they have lost. Horses lose a lot of potassium in these types of events, so that should be taken into account also.rmal, pero deben tener acceso a abundante agua para que puedan recuperar lo que han perdido. Los caballos pierden mucho potasio en estos eventos, lo cual también se debe tomar en cuenta.


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