Pérez Zeledón to Host the Famous “Vuelta Ciclística”

The "Vuelta Ciclística" which takes place once a Year in Costa Rica will start in Cajón, Pérez Zeledón this December.

The famous “Vuelta Ciclística” is a race that is held every year in different areas of Costa Rica. This year, the host of this race will be Pérez Zeledón. The term “vuelta ciclística” is loosely translated as a cycling race around. The race will start in a town called Santa Teresa, which is in Cajón, and it will finish at Second Avenue in San José.


This event will be carried out for three days, which are Friday the 27th, Saturday the 28th, and Sunday the 29th. In those days, it is expected that 227 people will arrive. Many of them will be bicycle racers, while others will be the ones in charge of other areas of the race.


Of course, this kind of race helps to improve the image of Pérez Zeledón. Not only that, but it is also an opportunity to give support to sports, which is such an important factor for those who want to stay healthy and participate in some nice competition.


The racers will pass through several towns in Pérez Zeledón, which are Barú, Cajón, Daniel Flores, Páramo, San Isidro, San Pedro, and some others. As the cyclists are going by, the roads that they will travel on will be closed off and protected so that there will be no injuries.


This is the 49th edition of this important event, which goes to show just how important it is, that it has lasted almost half a century in the Costa Rican tradition. The first time that it was held was in 1965, and it has continued to take place every year ever since.


It will be a great event, not only for the residents of Pérez Zeledón, but for anybody who can watch the event. Sports and other physical activities are very important for us to live healthier, and thus, live longer. Moreover, watching those who participate can be just as fun as participating in the activity.

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