More English in Pérez Zeledón

Sixty students from several high schools in Pérez Zeledón will receive a scholarship to study English for two years.

In Pérez Zeledón there are many public high schools, and English is one of the important subjects that are taught in all of them. However, for 60 students of several different high schools of this region, that is not all the English they will be receiving. Now they will have a chance to learn more than what their public high schools offer.


This project was negotiated with the Office of Cultural Issues of the United States Embassy, and it will give these 60 students an opportunity to learn so much. Students will not have to pay for any of the expenses. Enrollment and books will already be fully paid.


The objective is to have the list of students ready by December 10th, and classes should start on January 27th, 2014. The students will be receiving these classes at the Language Center of the National University in Pérez Zeledón, and they are programmed to last for two years.


Students were not the only ones who were benefited in the area of English education; many of the English teachers also received something. One hundred fifty licenses were given to English teachers.


Currently in Costa Rica, English is taught as a foreign language. This means that although people learn it for several different reasons, English is not a language which is used on a daily basis in regular, everyday life, outside of a work or study environment. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to strengthen English education in this country.


Of course, these events are great news for the English sector in Pérez Zeledón. Hopefully this language can continue to be strengthened more and more in the future.

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