Festival of Lights of the Valley Ended with the Night Time Race

On Saturday, December 14th, a night time race took place, ending the Festival of Lights of the Valley.

Finally, the Festival of lights of the Valley has come to an end. This last Saturday, December 14th, a night time race took place in San Isidro del General. For the last couple of weeks, there have been several activities related to the Festival of Lights of the Valley, and many of the residents of Pérez Zeledón have enjoyed them with their families and friends, attending the different activities, or watching them on the local channel, but with this race, it all comes to an end.


The race started at the north end of the Catholic Church that is by the park of San Isidro del General, and the racers arrived at that very spot to finish the race. It took around half an hour for the race to end, and in that half hour, there were 378 runners trying to get to the finish line before the rest.


In the end, the one who reached the objective of getting to the finish line first was Johnatan Varela. Second place went to Eliécer Oviedo, and the third place belonged to Juan Ramón Fallas. These three runners are renowned in Pérez Zeledón for their athletic skills in racing.


But not only were the men recognized for their effort. There was also recognition for the first female runner to arrive at the finish line. Tatiana Chaves was the first woman to reach the finish line.


Although this race started in San Isidro del General, it did not take place there only. The runners also passed by towns like Boston, Liceo Unesco, San Andrés, and Santa Cecilia. They also ran through the most centric streets of San Isidro.


It is important to mention that this is the first time that the night time race is incorporated in the Festival of Lights of the Valley. This festival has taken place nine times before the present year, and there has never been this kind or race, but it was incorporated in part to collect funds for a benefic society organization.

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