A Different Expo PZ

The Expo PZ will be different this year since the residents of the southern region want changes.

In Pérez Zeledón there is a very important event which is held at the beginning of each year. The name of this event is Expo PZ. In this event, there are many activities. Some of them include a concert, dances, parades, and many, many other fun activities. This usually lasts over a week, and it begins sometime in February. It is an event that many residents of the southern region await for anxiously since it is so important. But it is not only very important; it is also very entertaining for almost everybody.


It is a great event; however, no matter how great it is, people usually do not like monotony. That is why this year, the residents of the Brunca region are asking for a change. They want a different Expo PZ this time. They want not only for it to be different, but for it to be better than past years. The residents are making sure there is much improvement.


In past years, the Expo has not had such good organization. There have been many constraints like lack of time and money, among others. This is one of the aspects that the people want to change, and in fact, it is already happening, since it is already being organized. This already started several months ago.


It would seem that the commission that is in charge of organizing the event is taking into account the opinion of the people. On their Facebook page, they even asked people to give their opinions. This could be a very good thing. The residents are the ones who will be enjoying the event, so it is obvious that if their opinions are taken into account, the event will likely be successful. Hopefully this will be the case.


Originally, the most important part of the Expo was the showing and selling of cattle and agricultural products, but especially the cattle. These are two very important parts of the southern culture, since this region is in the countryside, and many people either raise cattle of produce some kind of agricultural product.

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