Category: Hotel Boutique. Overall rating: Excellent. Parking: Has a safe area and ample parking. Extra attractions: Game room for adults/children, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, restaurants, shops, spa, fitness center, tours, horse stables, environmental policy.

Hacienda AltaGracia Review


Category: Hotel Boutique.


Overall rating: Excellent.


Parking: Has a safe area and ample parking.


Extra attractions: Game room for adults/children, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, restaurants, shops, spa, fitness center, tours, horse stables, environmental policy.


Summing up the experience in Hacienda AltaGracia on a list of tags would be:


Quiet, lush quality, romance, scenic beauty, good treatment, excellence, details, harmony.


In my visit to Altagracia I feel that this place has been thought of as a destination to rest, relax and regain emotional, spiritual or energy balance.

Ideal for those who lead hectic, stressful or inner-city or for those who want enjoy their honeymoon, anniversary or family time to reconnect lives for the following reasons:


a) The place is quiet, because occupied spaces (the suites or casitas) are private and separate from each other.

b) The views of the mountains and the distant city to produce an extreme sense of tranquility.

c) The possibility of being in the infinity pool or hot tubs with jets bubbling on the back and facing the horizon make your stay a relaxing experience.

d) The cool climate (a, neither hot nor cold) very pleasant climate, clear; we are in winter, so from 3pm one can expect rain, but in case of rain one can be in any public or private areas.

e) The public areas still allowed to be used for privately each family, couple or individual, for example, several restaurants everyone can share placidly without being interrupted by the conversation of others as there is enough space between the tables and in the games area (La Cantina) allows sufficient space for each group to be playing without interrupt others space, but also gives flexibility to attach tables and so have large groups.

f) In the “Casa Grande” it is the Game Area where there are board games of all kinds, from Grand Bank, Casino, Cards, Ajedres to Billiards. On the opposite side is the library, with extensive collections of books, curiously in Danish or another language that I do not know, I did not see books in Spanish or English, but is an excellent place to read, meditate or just looking the valley.

g) The restaurants have a romantic air everywhere, dim lights, flowers, candles and professional staff warm and friendly private space.

h) The rooms are spacious, safe, overlooking the valley, fresh, neat and excellent taste in décor, I can´t ask anything else. Each room includes cotton bedding, curtains Black Out retractable by remote control, additional curtains, digital television by Kolbi and access to AppleTV, air conditioning, some snacks, drinks and coffees at no extra cost, safe and closet, spacious bathrooms with hot and cold water, you warm towels, bathrobes and slippers, a furnished room and outside terrace. The space is very comfortable and cozy.

i) With a simple call to the PBX, you can request a transport cart that takes you anywhere as: pool, spa, restaurants, shop, etc.

j) The Gym is small but has all the necessary machines, some with multiple functions and also the personal trainer, a physical therapist.

k) The Spa is the largest in Central America, with more than 1800 m2 of construction, they have absolutely everything: Spaces for Beauty, meeting haircut, massage, dry sauna and a wet sauna, meditation room ( separate curtained beds, a room with dim lighting and soothing music, total silence apart from the music), massage, pool tempered indoor sound of waterfalls, baths, massage rooms and jacuzzi, shop, waiting room, etc.


Altagracia is not a destination for those who think partying, not that one cannot laugh or enjoy with family or friends, of course you can and pool or horseback ride or play area is designed for enjoyment, but it is not an environment where they have scheduled sessions dance, zumba, children's play, rumba all night, dance tropical music and other, if that's what you want, maybe you should consider another destination, although one can combine the stay in Altagracia outputs dance centers of San Isidro.


Something else that attracted me is its policy of environmental conservation, details like straws (sorbets) are made of small hemp or bamboo; that the rooms have signs warning of turning off lights that are not used, requesting well sort clothes sent to laundry to avoid waste of resources, environmental commitment shows me the hotel.


Another thing I liked is that its recruitment policy requires them to at least 80% of local labor to support communities equally, they seek local producers for what is consumed or help those who want to develop tourism projects in the forming area with the hotel chains that prove them training on "how to assist guests" of Altagracia.

I must conclude by saying that Altagracia is a unique hotel offering a tourism product of very high quality, details come to the view where you want to see, I was very pleased.


Prices: The price / service ratio is good, the quality of accommodation, views, peace, evidently investment made in every detail and the overall result of the experience are well linked to the price. Currently the value of the night is around $225 per suite or casita for two nationals or $375 for foreigners (but children under 12 included). Of course prices depends of the kind of suite you want.


Food: Food are awesome in quality, about prices as an example, the price of food ranges from $21 (burger or sandwich with fries) to $39 for a Tenderloin steak with accompaniments.


Drinks cost between $5 and $60 (a liquor).


A children's menu: A children’s menu is available upon request.


Location: Santa Teresa de Cajon, Perez Zeledon


Service: The waiters are nice and very pleasant to deal with, the delivery time of the dishes is acceptable and around 20 min.


Date: June 2016

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