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Ideas & Decor is a company that distributes and installs decorative finishes, we are decoration specialist.
 We have a great variety of:

Wooden Blinds: Made from real wood, also available in faux wood FoamWood.

Vertical Blinds: Created with artistic eye, combining the elegance of its design with light control. We offer PVC and fabric possibilities with hundreds of colors each.

Horizontal blinds: We have widths of 15mm and 25mm film, more than 100 colors and high quality aluminum finishes: shiny, opaque and metallic.

Roller shutters:  Blackout also offer the system for its aluminized backing can create effects of total darkness, if desired.

Bamboo Blinds:  Filtered light in a decorative manner and fit perfectly into any home environment

Roman Shades: Shades of European avant-garde style fabrics and unique mechanisms are easy to clean, the perfect combination between a blind and a curtain. Assorted colors.

Curtains: To decorate your windows, curtains offer including: Curtains folded gauze, Roman, flight kitchen, sing traditional curtain with different hardware designs, wooden bars, decorative hardware in aluminum, steel, different colors. And non-traditional curtain cord.

Great variety in borders.

Fold doors, ideal for assembling or disassembling spaces, creating environments and get more privacy and comfort, colors to suit your decorative needs rooms

Sliding doors, two-hinged doors: PVC with and without a mirror. These contribute to the ventilation of the closet, are against incest can be used indoors and outdoors because it is resistant to low and high temperatures. They have 20 year warranty.

Skirtings and cornices:

Closet: The best way to maximize space with flexible entry and a wide variety of building designs to its full taste. Plastic coating, stainless steel, non-toxic, does not absorb moisture, preventing mildew and insect presence. Ventilated, easy to clean and modern look. Fit any need and environment, for example, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, among others.

Carpets: Prevents moisture from the surface where the carpet was installed is transferred to the surface of it, avoiding the emergence of the moisture that causes stains and makes it easy to maintain, as particles of dust and moisture result from the use or spills of liquid, to move Hastal base of the carpet, making it easier to remove it by vacuum. In different colors

Items that reduce space. Drying racks, shoe organizer, three baskets, modular shelf, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories

Decorative Items: Shelves, curtain holder, wooden buttons, lace curtain, cushions, quilts, vases, carpets etc standing.

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