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Flory's art, is a trend inspired by the organic beauty that houses our country (Costa Rica), every detail is reflected in culture through crafts environmentally conscious always contribute to our environment through recycling.


Flory's art, is a trend inspired by the organic beauty that houses our country (Costa Rica), this talented artist in all his works express the love and inspiration that is our nature, using various tactics throughout the artistic
 Everything in miniature decorative figures.
· Gift for any occasion
· Promotional material for your business
· Custom Objects
· Craft
· Souvenirs
Display Art
· Oil
The oil is a painting technique comprising mixing the pigments with an oil-based binder, usually of plant origin
· Acrylic
This is a technique that uses the same pigments used in oil and watercolor but diluted in an acrylic binder formed of a synthetic resin (made from acrylic acid). The medium thus resulting in water soluble. Its fast drying and matte finish (less acrylic medium) or brighter (middle).
· Fabric
Learn the art of painting on fabric opens up a vast field of action, no need to buy canvases or papers, as our home offers the most varied media: shirts, tablecloths, scarves, pillows, bibs, napkins, not forgetting sheets, upholstery and curtains.
· Wood
Decorate different reasons in a versatile variety of decorative items helpful for home or office.
Utilitarian and decorative handicrafts, made in Bambu ...
Child Murals painted freehand.
We convert the rooms of children in a magical world, full of fantasy.
We paint on smooth or textured walls their favorite cartoon scenes stories ... Any idea can be realized, and fit all types of space. Rooms suitable for babies and children, preschool classrooms and schools, study centers, offices, shops and more ...
Techniques finishes on walls:
1. Aged
a. Dry Brush
2. Relief
a. Brick
b. Stone
3. Decorative designs with different figures in stencil.
Ecological bags and quilting.
Manufacture, design and sales of useful and decorative items in newspaper and cardboard.
· Chest.
· Napkin.
· Magazine.
· Baskets for any use.
· Jewelers and more ...
Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets everything with green trend reflecting our Costa Rican art.
· You can place orders for souvenirs, or for decorating their surroundings, I'm an artist committed to the environment, proud of my Costa Rican culture, so in my products will find a 100% Costa Rican trend.
Please contact us if you require any of our products or if you are interested in that we design and we paint for you something original and specific.
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