Decovidrios offers great variety in sizes and designs of mirrors for your home or business, windows, mirrors and glass and aluminum doors.



DECOVIDRIOS is a company dedicated to the manufacture and installation of glass doors, bathroom doors, window frames, urns, sliding systems and everything to do with glass and aluminum as the main raw material. We are focused on meeting the needs of our customers, with prices competivos.
· Variety in polls according to size and finish required.
· Finish: Bronze, Black, Natural.
· Finish: plain or with aluminum frame.
Window frames
· Sliding Yesstema 5020
· Finish: Bronze, Black, Natural.
· Sliding Window Akari
· Sliding Gate 8025
· Sliding Window Apollo
· Window Euclothing
· Euclothing casement window
· Window Tilt and Euclothing
· Ventilate M338
· Ventilate Euclothing
· Lattice
Doors to bathroom
· Special Glasses
· Glass Doors
· Feel Warm Bathroom Door
· Available in tempered glass, bronze, gray and colorless.
· Door for Bathroom Tempered Ocean
· Door Acrylic Bath on Lisa
· They can be made of acrylic or glass.
· Door Fluted Acrylic En
· Sandblasting or sanding
· Laminated Safety Glass
· Tempered Glass
· Color: clear, bronze, gray and gray super.
· Sliding Door 8025
Akari 8040 · Sliding Door
· Sliding Door Euclothing
· Luxury liftgate
· Liftgate Euclothing
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