Maintenance and repair of computer equipment Multiservice Without Borders

Sale of computer equipment and accessories, Diagnosis, Installation, Maintenance and Repair Software & Hardware, Backup and data recovery, installation and maintenance of networks.



We have years of experience distributing computers and offering solutions in the region Brunca. We have service shop for your convenience.
You will find everything from the basics of computing to the most demanding, that add entertainment to your life.
For your company to your home or to improve their academic performance, we have what it takes to have the best computer and you require advice on hardware and networks.
Support Services Technician Computer Repair Workshop.
For a proforma of a computer or services, visit our company and be happy to help commercialize computer equipment, supplies, computer accessories, furniture, equipment and office supplies.
If your computer or printer is not working or has a malfunction bring your computer to diagnose the problem and offer possible repair.
Hardware and Software
Diagnosis to determine the compatibility and equipment requirements in terms of software and hardware.
Installation and configuration of internal and external components such as video cards, RAM, hard drives, floppy drives, printers, scanners, web cams.
Installation of all versions of Windows operating systems.
Installing applications such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, antivirus and more
We have a repair shop specialized professionals who you can trust to repair your computer.
Hardware and Software Maintenance:
1.Maintenance corrective
· Diagnosis and repair of hardware in computers and computing systems.
· Removal of viruses, spyware and malware.
· Troubleshooting operating systems and applications, such as boot issues, blue screen, connection problems, etc..
· Replacement of UPS batteries.
Preventive 2.Maintenance
· Internal cleaning of hardware components.
· Update of latest versions of software.
· Delete temporary files, unwanted programs, setup files.
· Defragmentation and correction of records.
· Optimization of operating system and antivirus.
· Advice on backup files.
Data Backup and Recovery
File Backup media such as CD, DVD, external disk, tape backup, ZIP drive.
Transfer data to other media or PC.
Installation and maintenance of networks.
We offer network installation service, if you want to share devices like printers, files or Internet connections. Also advise you on their Internet connections are ADSL (ICE accelerates), telephone, ISDN, etc..
Where to buy computers or any of our products
We are located outside the offices Coopealianza Central in downtown San Isidro, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica
Central Park we are located 100 m south and 150 m to the west.
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