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Tumescent liposuction French: it is the MOST modern technical aesthetics. Known as "surgery without a scalpel", not plastic surgery, But the body shapes while the volumes of oil Eliminating than disfiguring. This is the perfect alternative technique That Eliminates the problems of traditional liposuction. Liposculpture is Suitable for young people, Having a weight That Seemingly "normal", not small pockets of fat Eliminate, or with Exercise, or with severe diets and Slaughtered, But Also in People with older or overweight.
Well it is, Which is not liposuction. Liposculpture is a technique Revolutionary aesthetic, Which Allows to extract body fat while molding specifically the area Being Treated. Also, liposuction (as Opposed to traditional liposuction) Replaces the liposuction machine and vacuum cleaner for syringes and cannulas much finer, resulting in a work "craft", sophisticated and much less traumatic. But Most Important Is That the results of liposuction are not dependent on the quality of a machine, if not the capacity and quality professional performing the task. This is a medical instrument, Which is done in a proper room, Which has aseptic Conditions, security and Sufficient resources to handle Any possible situation. Local anesthesia is used.
An advanced technique of "surgery without a scalpel" without injury. Key Features and Benefits of liposuction are:
- An advanced technique of surgery without a scalpel, without injury.
- Technical sophisticated models the specific body part in a "craft" as sculpting (hence STI name: Liposculpture).
- Use local anesthesia alone in the Treatment areas.
- Has a very short Postoperative Period and no hassles.
- It is practiced in specific areas, According To Individual needs.
The most Revolutionary Is That liposuction is not only may increase DECREASE But Those That body parts need it. Slightly grease. Such as buttock augmentation;
Most common queries of Patients:
- Eliminates unsightly fat deposits from Un certain body areas of the face and neck Including, arms, trunk, abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs, knees, calves and Ankles. Liposculpture is not a substitute for weight reduction, But A method for localized deposits of fat Removing That Do not respond to diet or Exercise. If used as a supplement for weight loss Should Strengthen Efforts to Diet and Exercise. VALERIA In CLINIC offer service nutritionist and fitness center.
- No need to hospitalize Patients for Any eventuality we are Able to assist and follow up to resolution of this.
- The liposuction procedure is a doctor in a clinic Must be Equipped with Appropriate technical resources.
- This technique Should Be Preceded by preoperative examinations, and when to the health problems the patient has required special analysis will be practiced.
- The liposuction Should Be Avoided Whenever possible in the days of the menstrual Period, so uncomfortable and That Is The Most Sensitive Period for women.
- We use a special bandage pressure therapy, Which Should Take Several weeks for the patient. At the clinic we assortment of top quality belts.
- After Treatment of a small fat, you can return to work after two days, in cases of large fat deposits, may stop work to Become necesario Until a week to rest. Importantly, the variability of sensitivity and Postoperative discomfort in people.
- It is advisable to do a little after two weeks Exercise, make great Efforts to Avoid passing at least four weeks.
- We recommend a mildly hypocaloric, lower sweet, flour, etc.
if your goal WAS to modify parts Un certain areas only, But if you want to lose weight, you always look your Diet and Exercise.
It is preferable to Avoid the sun for two or three weeks and you use a sunscreen for Should Several months.
- The results are Usually permanent. The patient will not obesity Have more than one located there. People who gain weight Easily Make Changes to Their eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Liposculpture is a great start and motivation to Initiate Changes In Their lifestyle.
- An operation can be done more than eleven. In Some Patients Who Have significant weight, it is preferable to Operate at Different Times. At Any touch-ups are possible with liposuction. When retouching required, the patient only has to pay the expenses, but not fees. Approximately 50% of initial cost.
- The quality of the skin Tends to Improve Rather than worsen as you might think, Excess skin after the procedure is only Sometimes Slightly irregular aspect. The intrinsic contractile capacity of the skin, Makes this DECREASE in size, Adapting to the decline in volume in the places Where We Have ACTED. VALERIA In CLINIC offer aesthetic Treatment That Promotes the amazing changes file in your skin tone, Which In Many Patients who require eye lipectomy Has Been Made to flat stomach with unimagined results.
- Maternity: In some cases the procedure is preferably Earlier, you reduce the Risk of stretch marks Their skin is stretched Because less During Pregnancy.
-Complications: Complications may be after a liposuction can be: hematoma or seroma-. Inflammation-ecchymosis, But They are always temporary. -There are Patients who may resent the minor aches and pains, But are perfectly bearable. She may Have small sensory Involved Disturbances at the site. -The Infection is possible, although very rare, is treatable with antibiotics if there is OCCUR and there is abscess drained Should Be. In Overview This type of operation has FEW Complications you, especially if done With The method of swelling Anesthesia and Local Anesthesia. Fat grafting is definitely a risky procedure, thinking about the Possibility of Infection. If the patient takes all the care and recommendations to the letter, This Risk is diminished. It is critical These filed an unexpected That effect, continue to track and not lose confidence in the treating physician. Every medical procedure has the Possibility and may OCCUR With Any professional;
Post liposuction care:
-Cleaning Wounds 3 times A Day with antibacterial soap Exclusively for Wounds
-Remove wire at 7 days
-Taking the antibiotic prophylactic
-Exercise Until the procedure after 15 days
-Sex, after three days
It is preferable to Avoid the sun for a week and you use a sunscreen for Should Several months.
-Can use neobol Contractubex or cream on the Wounds from the third day.
Drink plenty of liquids, 2 liters per day.
-The constant use of the strip of Pressure therapy is NECESSARY, Helps tone the skin, Preventing the formation of Irregularities, relieves the discomfort.
-Can be supplemented if Desired recovery with vitamin supplements or a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
And lymphatic Drainage massage, will help fluid elimination, tone, Inflammation, and evenly distribute grease residues impossible to remove That Were in the procedure and disposal.
First week:
3 days: more hand massage lymphatic Drainage
5 days: Drainage lymphatic ultrasound with application of body
7 days: application of ultrasound
Second week:
Lymphatic Drainage
Application of ultrasound
Lymphatic Drainage
Third week:
Lymphatic Drainage
Application of ultrasound with invigorating massage
Lymphatic Drainage
Fourth week:
Lymphatic Drainage massage invigorating
Procedures That requires intervention by plastic surgeon and highly Specialized liposuction surgery in combination Such As with Other Techniques Such As surgical facelift, abdominoplasty, or thigh lift, to tighten the lax skin and support supporting structures. Breast implants, rhinoplasty, breast lift, can be from the Coordinated AESTHETIC MEDICINE CLINIC VALERIA for Implementation in Perez Zeledon, for it is Offered, monitoring, transportation. And the best market prices.
We have the services of nursing, esthetician, surgery, orthopedics, nutritionist, psychology, peripheral vascular, plastic surgery, general medicine.
Other services: permanent Outlined, mesotherapy, ultrasonic hidrolipoclasia Treatment of acne, scars, facial fillers, non-surgical correction of the profile of the nose, relaxing massages, reducers, lymphatic Drainage, facials, face spots, chemical peeling. Etc.


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