Musoc Bus Schedules from San José to San Isidro Perez Zeledón and San Isidro to San José

Musoc Bus Schedules



Terminal San Isidro -> San Jose

Location: North 50mts Amaneli Hotel, San Jose,
Costa Rica.
Phone: 2770-3533
Fax: 2771-0210

Terminal San Jose -> San Isidro
Location: In front of the Hospital for Women, antigüa
Maternity Cherith, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Phone: 2222-2422
Parcel: 2222-2422
Fax: 2222-8908

Departing from Musoc Bus Station in San Isidro Departing from Musoc Bus Station in San José
5:30am 5:30am
6:30am 6:30am
7:30am 7:30am
8:30am 8:30am
9:30am 9:30am
10:30am 10:30am
11:30am 11:30am
12:30pm 12:30pm
1:30pm 1:30pm
2:30pm 2:30pm
3:30pm 3:30pm
4:30pm 4:30pm
5:30pm 5:30pm


Terminal San Isidro -> San Jose
Location: North 50mts Amaneli Hotel, San Jose,
Costa Rica.
Phone: 2770-3533
Commit: 2771-0414
Fax: 2771-0210

Terminal San Jose -> San Isidro
Location: In front of the Hospital for Women, antigüa
Maternity Cherith, San Jose, Costa Rica.
Phone: 2222-2422
Parcel: 2222-2422
Fax: 2222-8908

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arlie · First time visit the website.
It would be helpful to have the last date the site information was updated. Also, a small map showing location of terminals.
Thank you.
Reply · February 4, 2016
In addition, the address listed for the San Isidro terminal is for somewhere in San Jose, not in San Isidro...
February 4, 2016
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