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The Luna Spa is the perfect place for a trip through his own body, mind and spirit. It will help a little deeper inhaling and exhaling your worries away, where you can harness the energy primitive rainforest of Costa Rica


Our massage therapists can guide you through this total body tour where you can enjoy mud wraps, aromatic massages and reiki.
* Services subject to availability
A mixture of Chinese reflexology, Tibetan massage and deep muscle stimulation, plus a relaxing lymphatic massage. Followed by pressure points, reiki, acupressure and aromatherapy with natural oils and organic flower essences complete enjoyment and relaxation.
60-minute session: $ 70
90 minute session: $ 105
Shiatsu and acupressure:
A rhythmic release of pressure on the meridians of acupressure that stimulates and strengthens the immune system to detoxify and relax your entire body. Free session with aromatherapy oil with organic flower essences.
60-minute session: $ 70
90 minute session: $ 105
Ancient practice derived from the technique of "Essenes", which involves channeling powerful energy to activate and accelerate the natural healing process that uses sound vibrations. Free session with aromatherapy oil with organic flower essences.
60-minute session: $ 70
90 minute session: $ 105
Revitalize your skin and your body free of toxins in a total involvement of mud of the jungle, sea salt and aromatherapy cleaning coffee. A recap of sludge is applied to the entire body, and after a hot shower, the body is treated with a relaxing massage oil for deep tissues.
2 hours: $ 145
This therapy consists of three phases, exfoliation, body wrap and massage with oil. First a gentle exfoliation that moisturizes and cleanses the skin. Then apply a delicious chocolate wrap around the body and covered with plastic wrap to give a warming effect. After a hot shower, the body is treated with massage with chocolate scented oil to complete the therapy. The aroma of chocolate beta induces the production of endorphins that relaxes and rejuvenates the skin, giving a feeling of extreme pleasure.
2 hour session: $ 155
It consists of three stages coconut exfoliation or organic coffee, then a mask of clay and mud, then a relaxing aromatherapy massage followed by lymphatic.
60-minute session: $ 70
This massage focuses on the head and includes a delicate natural shampoo, pressure points and vibration of aromatherapy and lymphatic massage.
60-minute session: $ 90
Enjoy an old massage on the feet and hands, sessions with emphasis on energy (Chi) meridians that end in the toes.
60-minute session: $ 70
90 minute session: $ 105
GEMATERAPIA (energy therapy):
Brings body and mind with a gem therapy. The therapeutic use of gemstones has its roots in various cultures and systems Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Native American shamanism is reflected in the more recent practices of crystal healing. Align and balance the seven chakras of the body with gemstones concentrate light and color that fills the body powers and vibrations. Gem stones affect his aura, helps your body not only achieve balance and awareness, but also improve your emotional, spiritual and physical.
45 minute session: $ 70
With our yoga unifies your body with your soul and you will be able to relax through asana (pose) and pranayama (breathing) exercises. The instructor guides you through a session, where they gently improve flexibility and promotes a sense of peace and wellbeing. Suitable for people of all levels. For those with previous experience, our session is to provide a good introduction to yoga.
"Yoga" session 60 minutes: U.S. $ 12 (group) / $ 30 (private class)
"Tai Chi Chuan" 60-minute session: U.S. $ 12 (group) / $ 30 (private class)
Learn the basic steps of Salsa, Merengue, Chacha and Cumbia. After some fun shining the moon dance floor! $ 12
  * Ask about our seasonal offers
1. Body Balance + Mud Wrap
    (90 minute session): $ 110
2. Mud Wrap and Facial
    (Session of 60 minutes): $ 90
3. Balance Body and Skin
    (90 minute session): $ 100
4. Balance Body, Mud Wrap and Facial
    (Session 1 hour 45 minutes): $ 135
Do not forget to visit our gift shop! Yoga tops, sarongs and other great gifts. You can register here for spa services.
The Osa Peninsula can be a very lively experience. As our trails are single, please do not hesitate to ask questions about any of our activities with our Instructor holistic wellness.


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