Sport fishing tour

Sport fishing is done responsibly, on and off the coast always playing by the rules established by the Inco-fisheries law and regulations.


Sport fishing tour
Costa Rica is known for its crystal blue waters, is one of the best places for tourists who love to fish
The boat especially for fishing, comfortable and safe with fishing equipment, safety devices such as GPS, compasses, marine band radios also include food and beverages, we have qualified and experienced, who know the best place to fish.
You can fish for food species which are allowed, the other must be released.
The most common fish to fish in the Pacific area are:
* mackerel
* Golden
* Marlin
* Wahoos
* Snappers
* Roosterfish
* Tuna
* Mere
* Robalos
* Sailfish
The fishing tour is private, you can go to the tour from 1 to 4 people maximum. the  tour  is full day from 7:00 am to 3:00 p m.

price  full day:  $ 750


office phone: 27438013

movil phone: 88 25 40 31

movil phone 88 80 64 83

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