La Cuesta is part of the Canton of Corredores. It's located a few km south the Panamá Border.

La Cuesta

 The political and administrative division of Costa Rica is defined by provinces, such as San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limón. At the same time, these provinces are divided in cantons and districts. Regarding with the administrative issues, the province of Puntarenas has the following cantons: Puntarenas, Esparza, Buenos Aires, Montes de Oro, Osa, Aguirre, Golfito, Coto Brus, Parrita, Corredores and Garabito. The Canton of Corredores has a surface of 567 square kilometers and at the same time is subdivided in the following districts : Corredor, La Cuesta, Canoas and Laurel. Road Distances


La Cuesta General Aspects

La Cuesta is a little village near from the borderline with Panamá, where there are some commercial activities and few inhabitants.

Tourism in La Cuesta

In La Cuesta you will find places where you can eat, like restaurants and sodas, but we always advise looking for lodging in Canoas where there are much more hotels and cabins since in La Cuesta there are no lodging places to spend the night. But also a very beautiful place that is worth visiting is Playa Pavones that is two hours far away from Paso Canoas. One of my favorites is Playa Zancudo, near from Playa Pavones. If you wish to have more information you can find it in the Section of Beaches, in the topic “Playa Pavones” or “Playa Zancudo” or in the section of Maps, choosing the map of the “Playas de la Zona Sur” that means “Beaches of the South Zone”

Transportation options to La Cuesta

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The agricultural or farming activities are the principal source of the incomes of the inhabitants of La Cuesta, and we can mention principally the activity of the Factory of the oil that is gotten from the Oil Palm, also the bovine activity, the sow of beans, corn, rice and cocoa. Many of the inhabitants of La Cuesta work in “Canoas” in the stores of the zone or in other business related with the tourism that goes for shopping to the borderline with Panamá.

Available Services in La Cuesta

You will find a little center where the commerce is developed. There are stores, hardware shop, sodas, bakery and supermarkets. At the same time you can find the Clinica de Salud (Health Center) of La Cuesta. There is an school and you can also find professional services such as doctor and lawyer.

Climate, Geography and Temperature

The climate is very wet and the yearly temperatures can go to the 30 C . Also the zone is very flat because it is 38 meters under the level of the sea.

For more information about La Cuesta Options and Business, please visit the La Cuesta Portal.

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