Buses from Transportes Blanco to or from Dominical

Bus to or from Dominical by Transportes Blanco


Dominical Bus Schedules from Dominical by Transportes Blanco.

Phone: 2771-25-50

Dominical to Pérez Zeledón:

between 6.30 am to 7 am
12,30 md to 1pm
4,30 pm to 5 pm

The bus comes from Quepos, this is the reason why the hour is not exact.

Dominical to Quepos:

8,30 - 9 am

1 - 1.30 pm.

5 - 5,30 pm.

The bus stop is in front Restaurante el COCO.

If you want contact Transportes Blanco, please fill up the contact form and their phones will be sent to your email, or if you need other bus schedules from Transportes Blanco you can visit this page: Transportes Blanco


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