Brunca Tourist Consortium

The consortium's businesses are located in the Brunca region of Cota Rica in the Southern Zone of the country, comprising the counties of Perez Zeledon, Buenos Aires, Osa and Coto Brus.

These businesses are working collaboratively to promote their products and services and become known in the tourism industry for offering an attractive range of eco-friendly, mountain, cultural and adventure tourism. Working within the concepts of eco-environmental quality and sustainable tourism, they offer authentic Costa Rica experiences.

With our slogan “Brunca in Your Hands" we want to make our scenic beauty and human warmth available to all our visitors.

  • Tour and lodgin in Las Cruces Biological y Wilson Botnaical garden in  Coto Brus
  • Lodgin in  Hotel Emanuel y Posada Rural Amigos del Ambiente , also orquids and native trees tours in Agua Buena Coto Brus
  • Arqueological tour, Terapia Reiki, Spa, in  Hotel Rancho La Botija in  Perez Zeledón
  • Tour  Rappel , Tour al Cerro Ena with Agro San Miguel Adventures in  Perez Zeledón
  • Tour at Valle del Silencio, lodgin  and rural turism with Biolley´s Organized Women Asociation
  • Cultural Route with  Asociación Cultural Bribripa Kaneblo, Bribri indigenous territory in Buenos Aires
  • Cultural Route  with  Boruca indigenous territory  with  Eco Aventuras Kuasran in  Buenos Aires
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