Buenos Aires of Puntarenas is a small but prosperous city, this is the place where Pindeco Company has been working for many years.

Buenos Aires


The political and administrative division of Costa Rica is defined by provinces, such as: San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limón. These provinces at the same time are divided in cantons and districts. In the administrative aspect, the province of Puntarenas has the following cantons: Puntarenas, Esparza, Buenos Aires, Montes de Oro, Osa, Aguirre, Golfito, Coto Brus, Parrita, Corredores and Garabito.


Buenos Aires

It is the canton number III of the province of Puntarenas. It was created by the law No. 185 in July 29th in 1940.

Surface: 2.382.61 square kilometers.

The main city of the canton is Buenos Aires.

It is 197 kilometers far away from San José.

You will have a good Idea of how far is Buenos Aires from other cities in Costa Rica if you use our Distance calculator Costa Rica Distance Calculator and Map

It has eight districts which are the following : Buenos Aires, Volcán, Potrero Grande, Boruca, Pilas, Colinas or Bajo de Maíz, Chánguena and Bioley.

Buenos Aires Generalities

At the beginning it was called Hato Viejo, but the history says that in the year of 1860, Pedro Calderón was opening the way between Cartago, Térraba and Boruca and when he found this place he changed its name to “Buenos Aires” (Good or Nice Airs), possibly making reference to the constant breeze that flows in this place.

Today, Buenos Aires is a village that is developing slowly, with the help mostly of the sow of the pineapple.

In Buenos Aires there are very little quantity of tourism buildings, specially those that can be interested in the area of services, such as sodas and restaurants. Even so, the visitor can enjoy of some characteristics that can be found only in this region when they visit Buenos Aires, such as the warm water, the visits to the native villages or to the Reserva Natural (Natural Reserve) in the lower part of the Cordillera of Talamanca. Another issue related with the tourism that we must take in account about Buenos Aires is that there are at least three native villages: Cabagra, Térraba and Bunca, and all of them have different cultural characteristics that are worth to visit.

Transportation options to Buenos Aires

Bus Schedule, Plane Schedule, Rent a Car services, Taxi.

Economy in Buenos Aires

The most important economical activity that is developed in Buenos Aires is related with the sow of the pineapple by the company named Pindeco. In this zone are also cultivated other products such as coffee, corn, beans, rice, cane sugar and the papaya as well as the activities of the stock farm and the apiculture. A little portion of them is dedicated to the commerce developed principally in the center of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Geography

The village of Buenos Aires is located in an area that is very flat and that corresponds to a plain of the Cordillera de Talamanca (Talamanca Cordillera) that goes from the Diques Valley (with a very fertile soil) but near from it, to the East, we can find the Cordillera de Talamanca(Talamanca Cordillera) with big mountains where it limits, and also traveling to the South the topography becomes more irregular because of the Cordillera Brunqueña (Brunqueña Cordillera).

Since the mountain systems are near, the climate and temperature changes suddenly in just some minutes. In the following paragraph are shown the height of some of the districts of Buenos Aires:
Buenos Aires: 361 meters
Volcán: 410 meters
Potrero Grande: 183 meters
Boruca: 550 meters
Pilas : 250 meters
Colinas o Bajo de Maíz: 340 meters

Buenos Aires Climate

The climate is wet with temperatures that go from 20 to 26 degrees ( C ) In the summer the temperature can reach the 30 .In the high mountains of the Cordillera de Talamanca ( Talamanca Cordillera) the climate is cold, but in the plain (that covers most of the part) the climate is hot.

Buenos Aires History

During the pre-Columbian time, the former land inhabitants were natives of the Bruncas group.

According to Eduardo Chinchilla Valenciano in his study named “Atlas Cantonal de Costa Rica” it was in 1.563 when the Spanish soldiers robbed and burned a fortress of the cotos or coctos natives that was located probably by the union of the Río Coto Brus and the Quebrada de Guácimo. At the end of that year it was founded the Ciudad de Nueva Cartago that did not last too much.

In 1700 the Franciscan founded the native village of San Francisco de Térraba with natives from Talamanca. Twelve years later, the friars settle down in the lower parts of the region and started the activity of bovine cattle, and it is because of that reason that in that period of time the zone was known with the name of “Hato de los Misioneros de Térraba ” that translated means “ Herd of the Missionaries of Térraba” In the year of 1744 the “recolectos” settled the village of Cabagra which was destroyed in 1761 by the natives.

During the second half of the XIX Century , specifically in the year of 1868, Pedro Calderón from San Ramón of Alajuela, signs a contract with the government and opens widely roads from La Estrella in the south of the canton of Guarco in Cartago to the villages of Térraba and Boruca where it gets together with the road that took them to Panamá. Mr Calderón settled down in the city that today is known as Buenos Aires in 1870, and that is the reason why this zone began to have little by little more inhabitants.

The real and greatest development begins after 1961 when takes place the construction of the Interamericana Sur Highway between San Isidro del General and Buenos Aires and when the company Pindeco starts its operations in the zone, fact that helps to the inhabitants to find a way of living.
For more information about Buenos Aires Options and Business, please visit the Buenos Aires Portal.


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