Drake Bay is one of the places in Costa Rica where we can say: This place is the nearest image to a hidden paradise.

Drake Bay Beach


Drake Bay is a beautiful beach that derives its name from a supposed visit by Capitan Drake in 1579 during his trip around the world in the Golden Hind. Drake Bay is only a few kilometers from the Corcovado National Park and directly in front of the biological reserve of Caño Island (look for Drake Bay in the map section). Both Cordovado and Caño Island have an abundance of wildlife that is protected; therefore, visitors are limited to observe without being able to extract or to exploit the resources of the area.
Nearby Cocalito beach is also very beautiful.

Getting to Drake Bake is difficult, since the road has not been in good condition for sometime, although in the year 2005 there was a reconstruction project of the street. You can also charter a plane as there is an airport in the area (for more information please see the flight schedule on this site) or you can arrive by boat from Uvita, Dominical, Golfito, Port Jiménez or Pavones.

In Drake Bay there is a tourism infrastructure that will allow you to enjoy your ecological vacation to the maximum. You can take a tour to any of the nearby islands (Caño Island, Violines Island) and to the Corcovado National Park, this is the most popular tour and the area must be reached by boat, costing around $50 to $75 and it includes lunch, the observation of birds, swimming at the beaches and rivers, and you will learn about the history of the area.

Snorkeling at Caño Island is a great adventure and there are many different species to observe. From Drake Bay you can visit the Island for $55 to $80. Scuba Diving is offered for professionals as well as inexperienced divers. You can make two dives off of Caño Island for about $100, the suits are supplied. For inexperienced ones, diving courses are offered in the area.

Definitely, one of the most unusual and exciting activities that you can enjoy is the Observation of night animals and insects, a Tour offered by the “Bug Lady”, an entomologist named Tracie and her colleague, Carlos. In this tour of 2,5 hectares ($35), not only will be you able to observe animals and insects, but you will also learn the incredible stories about them. Night vision goggles are also offered.

In Drake Bay, you can enjoy many other activities like horseback riding ($50/day with guide), rent bikes, kayaking, bird watching, go hiking up Rio Claro till you arrive at the waterfalls, visit Violins Island, or the mangroves of Sierpe (some of the best places for bird watching).

There are many options if you enjoy sport fishing. You can rent a small boat for about $35/hr or rent a large fully equipped boat with a guide for around $800 for a whole day. Most Hotels in the area would be happy to book a tour for you!

It is also possible to hike to the Corcovado National Park. It’s about a 4 to 7 hour trip to the ranger station at San Pedrillo, and from there you can find the park easily, following the paths. Most of the path is on the beach, with only parts that cut through the trees, but always parallel to the coast.

Notice: If you would like to go hiking in the mountains it would be a good idea to take the following: long pants, comfortable shoes (not sandals) and a good insect repellent. If you take a walk along the Rio Claro, keep in mind that there are not well-marked paths.

Drake Bay has mellow surf, where you will be able to enjoy a swim, sunbathe, or practice boogie boarding or body surfing

The area has lush vegetation, and you don’t have to venture too far to spot many types of birds and other local wildlife. Or you can stay near the center of town and get a soft drink at a “Pulpería “(the typical name for a small market) and chat with any locals that happen down the street.

Where to Stay and Eat: There is a great variety of hotels in the area. The prices range between $7 and $100/night. You can even get a package that includes transportation from San Jose for about $1300

For more information about Drake Bay Options and Business, please visit the Drake Bay Portal.

Getting there: in route to Port Jiménez, you should head right at a little town called Rincón, just before La Palma. You can also travel by plane from San José. (For more information please see the flight schedule on this site.)

Available services: water, restrooms, cabins, hotels, electricity, public telephone, internet.

What to do: body surfing, boogie boarding, fishing off shore, camping, kayaking to explore the rocks, swimming in the ocean, observation of birds and wildlife, fishing in the mouth of the river Térraba, Tour the mangroves, Snorkeling and diving off of Caño Island.

Activities that are prohibited: swimming where the lifeguards indicate that it is dangerous, throwing garbage on the beach or in the streets. The maximum speed limit in town is 25 km/h. Driving of motor vehicles is prohibited on the beach (according to law of traffic #7331). Hunting or the abuse or pursuit of wild animals such as garrobos, iguanas, birds, as well as fishing with poison is also prohibited. Bonfires are also restricted as much of the firewood is home to many creatures.

Nightlife: In Bay Drake, you can enjoy good company and good music. At the Águila de Osa Inn you can enjoy the beautiful view, get something to eat, or play pool in the Bar Mar y Sombra.



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