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Certificate of Authenticity


SouthernCostaRica.biz (SCR) is a website which is considered by many to be the official Southern Costa Rican website because of its relevance in this zone. Since 2005 we have been working with the most recommended companies of Southern Costa Rica.

The companies that have the SCR certificate have been verified by our organization to make sure that they are real and have a good reputation on the market, and we truly know that they exist, and we are witnesses that they are good, practical businesses. Therefore, we provide the company with an image which must be added to their web page with a text which specifies the category in which they are certified. Moreover, the certified ads will be in our directory, and they will have a “Certified” icon which testifies the same.

Whenever a company is certified and we receive a complaint from any person, out company analyzes the basis of the complaint, and if it merits the removal of the seal, we will make the necessary request so that our seal will not be shown on their website, and the services of that company will no longer show up as “Certified” on our website.

Why is it important to have the Authenticity Certificate of SCR?

Since it is easy to have a website, and many people use internet to cheat others, people who want to travel to any place or do business with any company have one thought that comes to mind in first place: Are they real? Can I do business with them without having to fear being robbed or ripped off?

Moreover, we receive many e-mails from people who are interested in making reservations, buying a product, or visiting the zone, and they want to know our opinion, or they want to
consult about the veracity of the companies of the zone. This is why the idea arose to establish a certification program, so as to help our affiliates to be sure that the company is a certified provider.

Furthermore, all the certified ads in our directory will have a visible seal so as to be an extra guarantee for the visitors.

If you want to have the Authenticity Certificate on your website, all you have to do is the

1. Choose the model that you like the most for your website.

2. Write down your information on the side and click “send”, and we will contact you to send you the code that must be installed onto you website. First we will analyze you business and your website and we will verify the services and the reputation on the market. Sometime a visit to the company will be required, and finally, if it is approved, we will send you a personalized code for your website, and your ads will show up as “Certified”.



Choose the certificate that you want for your website. Note: The text of the category change depending your their services

Recomendado para Hoteles en Dominical

Recomendado para Bienes Raices en Uvita
certified by SCR
Recomendado para Hoteles en Perez Zeledon













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